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A World Mother is a personification of the Body of All Life on a world. We often give the World Mother the Greek name for the World in question, if it had one. Hence, Gaia and Ares. Often World Mothers are depicted as pregnant women with their worlds as their pregnant bellies. But in exploring the metaphor the SolSeed movement has created some additional conventions many of which are based on Oberon Zell's Millenium Gaia statue.

Anatomy of a World Mother

World Mothers are female and generally do not wear clothing although for literary effect they may wear clothing in some stories. They are usually blue-green in colour although that may vary for literary effect also. Their bodies are covered in tattoos of the life forms that make them up and their hair is made up of branches, leaves, stalks, stems, vines and fronds of the plants that make them up. Their legs are usually blue and the tattoos on their legs represent sea creatures who are currently part of them. Their torsos are generally green with tattoos of the land animals that make them up. Their arms are also green with tattoos of the plants that make them up. Their bellies are the actual worlds that make them up but will be flat maps when they are young and only become rounded and pregnant when they are older.

Life Cycle of a World Mother

World Mothers begin as children in a vast dark landscape which is a metaphor for the universe. At this point they have no tattoos or hair because there are no living beings that make them up. They are world mothers in potentia.

When they become associated with a world they generally begin with only a few tattoos, those of the first species to come into being (usually bacteria) or the first species to colonize them (usually intelligent technological species and their client species). Their bellies are flat because they are not ready in their beginning to give birth to other world. The act of giving birth, or the Great Birthing, is the act of sending a technological spacecraft to another world in order to establish a colony on it. So once they begin to develop intelligent species capable of creating technological civilizations capable of space travel, the will suddenly become pregnant, becoming fully pregnant as they begin to build spacecraft capable of carrying living beings.

Eventually a living world may become barren due to natural disasters, technological disasters or due to literal disasters (bad stars) i.e. their Sun's dying. When this happens world mothers disappear sometimes quite suddenly.

World Mothers in Other Forms

World Mothers may appear to their parts in any form. This is an expression of the concept that a part of a body is the body. For example when your finger presses a button, you don't generally say that your finger pressed a button; instead you say, "I pressed a button." This equation of your finger with yourself can also be applied to Gaia. If a lichen colonizes the arctic, given that the lichen is part of the Body of All Life (Gaia) then Gaia can be said to have colonized the arctic. Likewise, if your friend tells you that it is cold outside then Gaia can be said to have told you that it is cold outside. This is a literary device and should not be taken to be true in a straightforward rather than metaphorical sense.

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