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:From something ... Something else!
:From something ... Something else!
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The eighth and final Liturgical Season, Viventibus Galaxia (Living Galaxies), stretches from mid-fall to the Winter Solstice. It covers the far future. When life spreads from star to star. Humanity may be left behind. Humanity may adaptively radiate. Life from Earth will probably encounter other biospheres, and hopefully embrace them in communion. Life may become such a powerful force that it controls the paths of stars, slingshotting them around each other so that entire systems are thrust toward other galaxies. Life may become so powerful that it shapes the destiny of the universe. The four great advances of this time are interstellar life, contact between biospheres, intergalactic life, and life as a shaper of the fate of the universe.

Here is the opening ceremony for the Weekly Service Calls during this season:

Nothing ... still ... Nothing.
And then ... <gasp> ... Something!
Space! Time! Energy! Matter! Gravity!
Galaxies coalesce.
In one celestial nursery, Sol is born.
(Light a candle for Sol)
Sol's story has begun .. but it is only the beginning.
The story continues with life, starfaring life,
Green fire flowering as it spreads across our immense galaxy!
(Light some alcohol in a galaxy-shaped indentation in a clay plate, with powdered boric acid to make a green flame)
In our journeys, Earthlings encounter other life.
Beings and biospheres as precious as we,
Joining us as fellow travelers on the great upward spiral.
(After the green fire dies down, do an upward-spiral gesture starting with your finger over the galactic center)
Then comes intergalactic life!
Shaping entire star systems.
Sailing them across the great gulfs between the galaxies!
(Set a candle drifting from one side of a large water-filled container to the other)
Finally, life may come to shape the destiny of the universe!
Turning dark energy into matter,
Freely available to all living creatures.
(Add green food coloring to the water)
Starflight. Contact. Living galaxies. The fate of the universe.
From something ... Something else!


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