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I am Shawn Marincas, "known" online as Gooseus, where I have my own site/blog at and another About page which talks more about me personally and my motivations for having a website/blog. I won't repeat those details here in order to keep things concise

I found SolSeed by way of Dr. Michael Mautner, who I contacted by way of his SOLIS website, after searching online for a group/movement with similar values to the ones I had been arriving at independently. He pointed me in the direction of SolSeed since I happened to live in Portland, where SolSeed was founded... I reached out to Brandon and after a lunch meeting decided to join, though did not become active until after the 2017 Solstice party and had my first ceremony on December 30th, 2017 where I met the rest of the Sanders family, Eric by Skype call and briefly Ben (after his long bus trip ordeal).

My first business meeting on December 31st, 2017 where I was very much impressed by the longevity and consistency of the movement despite the small size.

I have continued to participate in ceremonies and business calls where I preached my own approach regarding my own nascent Foundation movement that has been received well and aligns nicely with the overall goal.


Inspired by the works of Isaac Asimov in his Foundation Series and Neil Stephenson's Anathem, the Foundation (also called the Earth Resilience Foundation, or ERF [a working title]), is to be a community and repository for human knowledge and skills designed to be sustainable and robust to the fragilities of the modern world. The assumption is that the accelerated increase in complexity of modern man-made systems (economic, political, social) are creating increased fragilities within those systems, as well as the ecological system that contains them. These systems are destined to collapse, as has been seen throughout all human and biological history and it is likely to be sooner than later given the accelerating pace and the system's dependence on an accelerating pace (as a result of compounding interest on debt economics).

Foundation believes the pace and momentum of these modern forces can not be overcome and that the wisest application of attention and energy is in creating seeds of knowledge which are robust to this collapse and can assert themselves locally following a collapse in order to recreate a new modern world which avoids these fatal flaws and aligns itself with the principles of SolSeed.

A Thoughtful Goose

I created a website and blog called A Thoughtful Goose, for lack of a better name. I'm the sole developer and writer (so far) and have only written the following post:

I plan to expand on these thoughts further and to perhaps create a podcast and/or youtube channel to expand my media channels.

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