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Hi, I'm Ben Sibelman, a software developer at Microsoft in Redmond, Washington. This is me with one of my most favorite posters (despite its slight astronomical inaccuracies), which nicely sums up my desire for large-scale, long-term perspective, and one of my favorite T-shirts, which represents my belief in the power of grassroots movements and communities to change the world. (To hear and read Carl Sagan's Pale Blue Dot speech shown illegibly in the photo, go here.)


Currently, I'm working on the Photos app for Windows 8, which provides a new "Metro-style" interface for viewing and sharing your favorite "digital memories" or works of photographic art.

My previous employer was the Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI), which is a bit of a misnomer these days: they sell mapmaking and geographic analysis software to corporations, governments, and other organizations. Some of this software is used for ecology and conservation work, but I ended up on the team that makes nautical charting software. Such is life.

But ESRI's CEO, Jack Dangermond, is a fervent environmentalist. As he is fond of saying, the geographic perspective is a global one, ideal for managing and sustaining the planet we call home. And that's my perspective, too: I think best on the general, large-scale, long-term level.

My goals are very ambitious: I'm hoping to help shape the SolSeed Movement into what Harvey Mudd Professor Paul Steinberg calls a Thousand-Year Institution, one that could help maintain some of the core principles needed for a truly sustainable civilization.

You can also check out

my website, Living Worlds Productions (which I haven't updated in ages)


my blog, OpenSpace4Life.

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