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Contact Info

talk: leave me a public message (preferred)
phone: (626) SOL-SEED ... (626) 765-7333
skype: BrandonCsSanders
address: 1824 SE Oak Street, Portland OR 97214, United States

A bit about me

Hello, I'm with Shelley. I'm one of the founders of the SolSeedMovement. I'm currently working to create the first SolSeed Business.

SolSeed Practices

Some links to online Earthseed Communities Worth Following

A lot about me

Some folks have asked me why I add my two middle initials when I sign my name. I do it to make it easy to tell me apart from the more famous folks that also have the name Brandon Sanders. My four names are a brief sketch of my family tree. The first three names come from the gals and the last name comes from the fellas:

Brandon - maternal Grandma born Evelina Brandon.
Clark - paternal Grandma born Delores Clark.
Schoepflin - wife born Shelley Schoepflin.
Sanders - dad born Robert Sanders.

I'm proud of my family and the sacrifices they've made so that I could have more opportunities than they.

My dad is a journeyman model maker who runs 4B, a small Wire EDM shop. I inherit my creativity and passion for inventing from him. My mom is a journeyman die maker who nurtures our family and does the books for 4B. I inherit my attention to detail and passion for justice from her. Thanks mom and dad!

Jibing at the Event Site in Hood River. I fell 8 seconds later.
My self-education also includes a few credentials ... a BSE (June 1998) in Electrical Engineering from Walla Walla College (now University) and a PhD (August 1, 2005) in Computer Science from the University of Rochester. I am involved in starting the SolSeedMovement and love to go windsurfing in the Columbia River Gorge with Shelley (yes she is better than me <sigh>).

I hope to see you around :-)

May you be filled with loving kindness.
May you be well.
May you be peaceful and at ease.
May you be happy.
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