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Let us imagine

You are sitting on your elephant in a dark forest. Your elephant is deep in water so that your bare feet hang down into the water by his cheeks. Together you are walking forward along a massive tree branch which is deep under the water but rises ahead of you so that a few hundred meters ahead it breaks the water. The branch is so large that your elephant is like an ant walking along it.

In the water around you, there are fish and trilobites and shells of all sorts, every aquatic animal that ever lived swimming in the same water. Smaller branches, still the size of giant Sequoia's break the water around you. As you walk forward, you see that there is a woman's face in the bark of one. She watches you and smiles and you know that she is an emanation of Gaia. "Climb, little one, climb" she whispers.

Your elephant carries you forward, up the slope of the main branch and soon you are out of the water. The great branch continues to rise ahead of you and curve to the left. Around you are amphibians, frogs hopping, salamanders scurrying, a group of Ichthyostega lying flat on the bark to the right side of the branch, ready to slide off into the water like crocodiles. Among the scurrying salamanders are scurrying millipedes and centipedes, all disappearing under shrub-like plants, club mosses, horsetails, mosses and ferns. On the surface of one of the club mosses, Gaia's face appears, "Climb, little one, climb" she whispers.

Your elephant winds his way through the vegetation and as he climbs above the water, the vegetation gets taller, conifer trees appear, insects buzz, reptiles scurry by, a small stegosaurus comes into view, larger than your elephant, munching on ferns under a tall cedar-like tree, it watches you warily as you walk past. The bark of a pine-like tree forms into Gaia's face and says, "Climb, little one, climb"

You emerge from the forest into a barer area of the branch. You look down from your perch on your elephant and you can see the submerged part of the branch almost directly below you. The branch has spiraled around 360 degrees and you are now hundreds of meters above where you began. You can hear the crunch of dry grasses below your elephant's feet. Ahead there is a patch of flowering bushes. Something that looks a lot like a platypus pushes its beak out through the underbrush. "Climb, little one, climb" it says and you know that Gaia is speaking through it.

You circle around the flowering bushes and enter a thick rain forest. An orangutan like animals climbs down a hanging vine and looks at you, "Climb, little one, climb" it says.

But you are tired. It is hot and mosquitoes are biting you. You look into the orangutan's eyes, knowing that it is Gaia looking back out at you, "Where are we going, and where will we end up, Gaia?" you ask.

The orangutan climbs back up its vine and you see ahead of you a giant oak with Gaia's face in her bark, "You are climbing into ever growing possibilities, you will never see the path ahead but every turn will bring many miracles. You must have faith, little one, and climb."

You look ahead and see the flash of metal, the light of fire and hear the song of strange creatures. Curiosity draws you forward and you continue to climb upward along the spiral branch.

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