Space Hero Mission Meetup at the Space Needle

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On May 11, 2019, Ben attended this Meetup to participate in a photo shoot involving an Apollo spacesuit costume. Here are the resulting photos:

Photos of Ben in the spacesuit

Don, the organizer of the event, took these photos using Ben's phone while Ben was wearing the spacesuit costume:

Ben in spacesuit 1.jpg

Ben in spacesuit 2.jpg

Touching the Moon

Ben took two photos of another participant wearing the costume and pointing up at the Moon, one of them also featuring the Seattle Center Monorail:

Pointing at the Moon with monorail.jpg Pointing at the Moon with bird.jpg

He then edited the second image in Photoshop to create a tribute to the first time life from Earth used technology to reach out and touch another world, fifty years ago this year:

Touching the Moon.jpg

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