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  • My intention for Sol 2014 at Lost Lake around the summer solstice is
    • to get enthusiastic about working on SolSeed projects again
    • to get more clarity about how to choose among the many possible projects I could devote time and energy to
    • to reconnect with people I haven’t seen in a long time (if they accept invitations)
    • to connect with nature
    • to find out how capable I am of coping with minor hardships related to living outdoors without losing enthusiasm
    • to further evolve our plans for how to bring in new active members, e.g. by practicing Holacracy


  • My intention for Sol 2014 at Lost Lake around the summer solstice is an embodied, visceral practice of SolSeed that writes the traditions of SolSeed on our hearts. I want us to DO things that are SolSeedian more than discussing philosophy. I want us to experience the gifts it brings to us right NOW rather than dreaming, speculating, and setting goals for the future. I want to pass on the love for nature and for Life to my kids. I want them to be earnestly self-expressed and vibrantly alive. I want to embed gratitude as a spinal cord practice … that is, something that is foundational, instinctual, and reflexive. Build forts and get excited about the automated greenhouse project!


  • My intention for Sol 2014 at Lost Lake around the summer solstice is to deepen my understanding of and commitment to SolSeed and our community by spending time, separately and together, reflecting on our purpose, values, and praxis.
  • Secondarily, or rather, in addition I intend to create in our boys a yearning for what SolSeed offers and an understanding of our values, science, traditions and praxis, a sense of purpose and belonging, and a strong memory of warm, all-is-well cup-full fun and connection.


  • My intention for Sol 2014 at Lost Lake around the summer solstice is to spend time with my SolSeed co-dedicants and thereby build a deeper connection to them. I want to spend time deeply listening to each of you so that my elephant knows you better and my instincts tend more strongly towards contribution to the Movement.
  • I want to share moments of awe for nature with you so that my association between you and deep religious experience grows stronger.


  • I want to spend time camping.
  • I want to convince the SolSeed Movement to do something rather than talk about doing things so that I will want to join. I want to build that greenhouse which the movement talked about.


  • My intention for Sol 2014 at Lost Lake around the summer solstice is for kids and adults to connect with friends, spend time in nature together, mark the longest day/shortest night of the year.

Welcome Packet

Perhaps drawing from the invitations we've already sent out?

Things to bring

Try for all these items:

  • Bowl, cup, and silverware
  • Water for the water service
    • Water from where you are coming from
    • A small container to carry your water in (a well sealed vial or glass jar works)
  • Small pouch for collecting tokens (imagine it holding some golf ball sized items)
  • Sleeping Bag
  • Pillow
  • Tent
  • Sunscreen
  • Bug repellent
  • Very warm clothes in case of very cold weather (winter coat, sweatshirt, longjohns, wool socks … that sort of thing)
  • Swimsuit for playing in the lake
  • Bicycle, pogo stick, or other person powered "technological device" for the technology leg of yay life tri


  • small drum or rhythm instrument



  • Evening: Most of the participants arrived


  • Free day
  • Evening: Sarvatas, Shelley and Ben arrive



  • Breakfast
  • Creating Possibilities vs. Solving Problems continued
  • Opening Circle
  • Session with Children on Greenhouse Models
  • Lunch
  • Hike around lake
  • Playing on the "Pirate Ship" on the "Beach" on Lost Lake
  • Dinner
  • “Fire Dance”
  • Fire Side Session on Greenhouses Project


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