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The SolSeed Philosophy is the philosophy of the SolSeed Movement. It has three parts:

It's root concept is that Life is Precious. By this we mean all Life from the first self replicating molecules that arose on Earth to the current diversity of the Phanerozoic to the future Life what ever it might be. We also cherish the unknown LifeSeed of the universe; the body of all Life in the universe wherever we may find it in the future.

But cherishing Life calls us to action. Not just to protect it and conserve it, but further, to help it grow and become more diverse, a more important player in the universe. It is a transhumanist philosophy in that we recognize that humanity is not the ultimate or final product of Life's efforts. The oak tree is as much the ultimate product of evolution so far as humanity, perhaps more so, in that without humanity, Life would go on, but without plants, Life would be at an end. On the other hand, humanity is capable of providing a service to Life that no other species currently can. We can transplant complex Life to other worlds (achieve the Destiny) and we can use genetic engineering to vastly increase the adjacent possible and create organisms that would not otherwise be possible in a billion years. For example we can create organisms which can flower and take root amongst the stars.

But there is no point in acting, if your action is misguided. We respect mainstream science as the best path humanity has found to finding the truth. And we respect the truth that science finds as the best guide to choosing our actions.

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