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Different people will want different things from SolSeed. The SolSeed organization can be viewed like a crystal, with four different facets. New members may wish to approach it by looking through one or more of these facets, depending where their interests lie.

The first and broadest facet focuses on actions. On this level, SolSeed is a Movement.
Movements seek to shape the course of change toward positive goals such as greater harmony between people, greater respect for all life, and TheDestiny. Movements can bring people together as a community in an empowering way.
The second facet focuses on words, which are produced through the actions of speaking and writing. On this level, SolSeed is a Scripture.
Scripture is a kind of writing that can both inspire people to action and stand the test of time, which is a crucial goal if we are to persevere as an organization long enough to realize TheDestiny. Though SolSeed is not a religion, the SolSeedCreed can be added without conflict to the scripture of any major religion.
The third facet focuses on ideas, which are made up of words and can be used to decide and direct actions. On this level, SolSeed is a Philosophy.
Philosophies seek to describe basic aspects of the concrete world using abstract, timeless truths. Like religions, they often focus on ethics, that is, the problem of how humans can best relate to each other and the rest of life.
Central to this endeavor are the ideas called virtues, such as SelfLove, Empathy, Wisdom, Discipline, Hope, Creativity, Pragmatism, and Perseverence.
The fourth facet focuses on emotions, which inform all of our actions, words, and ideas. On this level, SolSeed is a Community.
Communities give people a sense of belonging and connection with each other. Although we find it easiest to organize ourselves into small communities or "tribes" where everyone knows everyone else, with practice we can form larger "meta-communities" on the level of cities, nations, and eventually the whole world.
It's difficult to build community without ever meeting face-to-face, which is a key reason for organizing events such as Seed 2009.
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