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SolSeed < SolSeedMovement < SolSeedCreed

This is the latest revision by the Gaia Vision Fellowship branch of the movement, mainly Eric and Ben, with the biggest change being to the Wisdom pledge.

For some recent, more radical revision ideas, see SolSeedCreed/2017-Revision.

Also: We Believe, a book of commentary and illustrations unpacking each verse of the creed.

SolSeed offers its creed as a way to emotionally inspire people who embrace science and reason, rather than superstition, as ways to know the world.

There is another version of the creed formatted for group reading.

The SolSeedCreed is a statement of the shared values that ground the SolSeedMovement. The SolSeedCreed asserts that life and that which sustains life is good and precious, and calls humanity to mature into its role as caretaker of SolSeed. TheDestiny is the ultimate expression of what nurturing and protecting life means. Being worthy of and fulfilling TheDestiny are the two ultimate goals held by members of the SolSeedMovement.

The SolSeedCreed also identifies empirically observable attributes of humanity that should be encouraged and balanced. The SolSeedCreed calls us to nurture and balance our innate capacities for SelfLove, Empathy, and Wisdom. The SolSeedCreed is a living creed which is altered regularly to better reflect the learned and tested beliefs of the members of the SolSeedMovement. The following is version 3.0.1 which is currently being discussed and tweaked.

The SolSeedCreed

We Believe

Life is precious.
It has always been precious,
It will always be precious.
Life exuberant
bursting through boundaries
to flower and spread
creates the conditions for more Life,
in an Upward Spiral
of ever-growing possibilities.
As you are alive, and I am alive,
and in kinship with all other beings
who call Terra home,
we are Gaia --
the Body of All Life.
The Destiny of Gaia
is to take root and flower amongst the stars --
to give birth to a family of living worlds.
As intelligent sparks of Gaia,
we are called to express her excellent nature,
We are called to attend the Great Birthing.
We who answer the call
dedicate ourselves to Life.
We join together
in a community of practice
to align our actions
with our highest aspirations.
Through art and the natural world
we awaken within ourselves and others
the Cosmic Religious Feeling
that ignites wonder,
fosters compassion, and
inspires invention.
Our three sacred duties are to
embrace Passion,
cultivate Empathy, and
pursue Wisdom,
So that our being honors Gaia
and our striving hastens the Great Birthing.
Passion drives us.
Without Passion,
Empathy and Wisdom are lethargic.
I pledge to stoke the fire in my belly,
to compassionately care for my inner elephant --
to really be me, Happy in the Sun!
Empathy is transcendent.
Without Empathy,
Passion and Wisdom are evil.
I pledge to love others as I love myself,
to consider their needs as if they were my own --
to Grow Ours, not just Get Mine!
Wisdom is effective.
Without Wisdom,
Passion and Empathy are reckless.
I pledge to train my elephant through regular practice,
To stand ready to transform my worldview in the face of new evidence,
To cultivate sound instincts.
Through Passion, Empathy, and Wisdom
we have come to know that:
We are Gaia's People / Gaia Vision Fellowship --
children of the Earth and Sun,
awakened by starlight,
discovering --
We Bring Life!

Everyone, regardless of nationality, ethnicity, gender identity, religious belief (or non-belief), is invited to participate and join our community.

COMMENTS: You are warmly invited to begin a discussion in the comments section, or to comment anywhere in the page.

At first glance I was put off by the word "holy" as it appears in the Creed, but on reflection, what could be holier than preserving, protecting, and nurturing every living being on this planet? -Kevin

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