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The SolSeedCreed is a statement of the shared values that ground the SolSeedMovement. The SolSeedCreed asserts that life and that which sustains life are good and precious, and calls humanity to mature into its role as caretaker of SolSeed. TheDestiny is the ultimate expression of what nurturing and protecting life means. Becoming worthy of and fulfilling TheDestiny are the two ultimate goals held by members of the SolSeedMovement.

The SolSeedCreed also identifies empirically observable attributes of humanity that should be encouraged and balanced. The SolSeedCreed calls us to nurture and balance our innate capacities for SelfLove, Empathy, and Wisdom.

The SolSeedCreed

We believe that:
TheDestiny of SolSeed
is to take root amongst the stars.
are precious SolSeed.
As SolSeed's intelligent spark,
WE are its caretakers,
WE must fulfill TheDestiny.

I believe that:
My Holy duty is to
embrace SelfLove,
cultivate Empathy,
and pursue Wisdom,
so that my being honors SolSeed,
and my striving hastens the fulfillment of TheDestiny.
SelfLove is motive.
Without SelfLove,
Empathy and Wisdom are impotent.
Empathy is transcendent.
Without Empathy,
SelfLove and Wisdom are evil.
Wisdom is effective.
Without Wisdom,
SelfLove and Empathy are feeble and capricious.
I AM SolSeed,
TheDestiny is mine!

Everyone, regardless of nationality, ethnicity, gender identity, religious belief (or non-belief), is invited to participate and join our community.

Addendum: the Tenets of Gaia/Earthseed

  • Life Is Sacred. We should not worship anything that is not alive.
  • Change Is Eternal. We should not try to set up a changeless order. Doing so will only lead to unnecessary Chaos.
  • Chaos Is Inevitable, but can be managed by Life.
    • Life keeps Chaos at bay by building complex structures, on every scale from the microscopic (bacteria) to the planetary (Gaia).
    • Life Changes slowly through evolution, becoming ever more complex and shaping itself to fit its Changing environment.
  • Overly Rapid Change leads to unnecessary Chaos, and unnecessary death.
    • Humanity must emulate biological evolution by moderating the pace of the Change we have unleashed, so that we can direct and shape it well enough to avoid creating too much Chaos.
    • Only then can humanity fulfill its Destiny as SolSeed.
  • The Destiny of SolSeed has a purpose larger than ourselves: as "seeds" of our living world, we will bring other worlds to life, planting and growing the children of Gaia.

COMMENTS: You are warmly invited to begin a discussion in the comments section, or to comment anywhere in the page.

At first glance I was put off by the word "holy" as it appears in the Creed, but on reflection, what could be holier than preserving, protecting, and nurturing every living being on this planet? -Kevin

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