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Discussion at Seed 2009

Brandon's intro: Values are the "container" for participation; we can only include people who, for instance, are open to change.

Arthur Brock's ideas for values (from recording):

  • Not just people but the organization must be able to adapt to change at the speed that it's happening today
  • Willingness to distribute (not concentrate) power, intelligence, and wealth within the group
    • concentrated power corrupts institutions
    • open-source community is an example: share control and access
  • Diversity of expression

Kevin: diversity is a form of strength/wealth



  • Be nice
  • Self-expressed
    • Bonnie: Maintain a place for self-expression


  • Being active
  • Connecting heart-to-heart
  • Being sensitive and intuitive
  • Inclusion
  • Valuing intelligence and wisdom
  • Being purposeful
  • Being ready to change at all levels
  • Committing to the mainstream, because our future is not different from everyone else's
  • Readiness to be surprised
  • Sacrifice (paradox)
  • Economic
  • Artistic
  • Humorous
  • Clean
  • Forgiving
  • Clarity


  • Being accepted for who you are, even if it's different than what people are used to
  • Avoiding intimidation--allow people to ask about things you're discussing that they don't understand
    • Ted: Quality of listening

Ted: Being "in the world"


  • Respectful
  • Playful
    • Lion: Imaginative
  • Walk the walk
  • Letting go of ego and limits


  • Openness to possibility
  • Defending difference in others
  • Inquisitiveness
  • Creatorship

Kevin: Protecting, supporting, and nurturing life

Brenna: Personal fulfillment/caring for yourself


  • Do we want to exclude people who don't have these values?
    • We are building spaceships for everyone, even those outside SolSeed as a group of people (see "committing to the mainstream" above).
  • These values are not aimed only at TheDestiny. TheDestiny exists partly to motivate the expression of these values in the goal of making the world a better place?
  • Does SolSeed have to include only people who are committed to TheDestiny, splitting others off into people within the broader network of allied organizations? Or does SolSeed as a group of people include everyone who shares our values, regardless of what they think about TheDestiny?
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