September 2, 2018: Business Call

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  • Check in
  • Opening Blessing
  • Review WWWs
  • Weekly event logistics
  • Reform Pagans
  • Review Agenda
  • Viventibus Mundos
  • Who are we?
    • Are we still Gaia's People?
  • Evaluations
  • Closing Blessing

Next business call

  • Foundation
  • SolSeed Creed
  • New Videos


  • Eric … Church was good this morning, but we talked too much to people :-)
  • Shawn … I'm getting anxious about San Francisco and Europe trips, and the amount of days I'll have to work on things … Habitica is helping me stay focused and sane
  • Ben … I am nauseous and wishing that I had got up earlier this morning. This is the first full day of my trial stay at Ryan House. I am nervous about that.

Opening Blessing

We come together after another week, to discuss how we proceed for another week and beyond. May our anxieties prove to be helpful and not a hindrance, and may we accomplish all the things that we are here to set out to do in alignment with our highest aspirations. --Blessed Be

Personal WWWs from last time

  • Ben: Write 3 pages of my novel
    • It’s gotten to the point where it’s not something I think about as “something I do”... used to be a semi-regular habit and it’s not anymore … also feeling an inferiority complex after reading a really good novel
    • Shawn suggests
  • Ben: Getting better at serving Gaia through getting better at producing media
    • For this week: schedule an informational interview with the UW Center for Creative Conservation
    • Left a message but they're probably all on vacation
  • Shawn: Finish reading Into the Cool (65 pages to go)
    • The book is dense enough that this goal wasn't realistic
  • Shawn: Do a Ph.D. program to get Credibility and Contacts in order to spread the idea of what I am trying to do
    • For this week: Sign up for GREs and get through the verbal part 3 chapters of the GRE study book
    • Too many other things going on ... didn't estimate how much time it would take vs. how much time I would have ... hard to tell people "I need to study instead of doing something fun with you before you leave for 2 months"
  • Eric: First "step" for Buckleberry is to build autonomous quadcopters that collect twigs
    • For this week: Research at least 6 3 different quadcopters (Spreadsheet)
    • It's hard to block off enough time because there's so much time blocked off already
    • Habitica might help -- Just Signed up for Habitica --

Group WW(W)s

  • Shawn … contact someone at Windward about visiting … after talking to Scott about visiting him in Hood River
  • Everyone … choose the one thing about the Viventibus Mundos ritual we most want to change, for discussion next meeting

Personal WWWs

  • Ben: Write 3 pages of my novel
  • Shawn: Finish Verbal GRE section, start Analytical GRE section
  • Shawn: Finish Into the Cool
  • Eric: First "step" for Buckleberry is to build autonomous quadcopters that collect twigs
    • For this week: Research at least 1 different copter per day

Weekly Events Logistics

Service rotation: Eric, Shawn, Ben
  • September 8th Service: 10 AM PST / 13:00 EST … Eric
  • September 9th Business Call: 9:30 AM PST / 12:30 EST, on Zoom

Reform Pagans

  • Are we looking to start a collaboration, or just tell their members about this other group they might be interested in?
    • Looking at a collaboration, not committed to it

Viventibus Mundos ritual contents and the SolSeed Creed

Reminding our elephants

  • Too esoteric? Explain the concept in the Creed?
  • It's one of the key differences between SolSeed and other religions that are just about whipping your elephant to force it to do the right thing
    • Thirdhand: research shows that this leads to depression, anger, agitation, and sneaking off to do fun things that are bad for you
      • Positive reinforcement works better


  • Shawn … I am happy with the focus and the moving forward with trying new things, and looking forward to continuing and possibly involving more people.
  • Ben … I am nervous about spending so much time on the WWWs that we don’t get to other things much. This is probably my general difficulty with change. I will get over it.
  • Eric … I’m excited about spending so much time on WWWs because it feels like something shiny and new and I am attracted to shiny, new things … I’m thinking that it will become a real productivity enhancement to have you guys as my secret group working on making my life more aligned with this group.

Closing Blessing

We can’t do a closing blessing, Ben has to go! -- Blessed Be

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