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I'm Coming!

  1. Kevin Daniels, Rochester NY
  2. Brandon CS Sanders, Portland OR
  3. Shelley Schoepflin Sanders, Portland OR
  4. TedErnst, Chicago IL - arrive PDX Thurs around 2pm
  5. Regula Frey, Chicago, IL - arrive PDX Thurs around 2pm
  6. JulieCaldwell, Elko, NV
  7. Kim Edwards, Virginia Beach, VA I fly in a day early (1 p.m. Jan 7). Anyone interested in exploring Portland on the 7th, sharing a hotel that night, or driving with me to the lodge (I got a rental car)? my e-mail is  :)
  8. Bob Sanders, Looking forward to the dreams of a lifetime,!!!
  9. Boni Sanders, Canby, OR
  10. Brenna Waxter, Tillamook, OR We're looking forward to the weekend,
  11. Matt Waxter, Tillamook, OR
  12. Barak Waxter, Tillamook, OR
  13. Silas Waxter, Tillamook, OR
  14. LionKimbro, Seattle WA -- Spiriata, Damanhur, Humanity's Team, ...
  15. Ben Sibelman, Bellevue WA
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