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This is a music video concept by Ben based on the ideas in Bringing life to our world#Crossing the gap, using the song "Dawn" by Poets of the Fall. Its purpose would be to popularize the idea of a middle ground between two perspectives on environmental activism, "failure is not an option" and "it's too late, abandon all hope." The video depicts a civilization undone by environmental catastrophes, followed by the beginning of a new, more sustainable civilization that learns from the mistakes of its predecessors.

Lyrics Visuals
Opening shot: Black smoke pouring out of smokestacks. Follow the smoke upward and zoom in until it fills the screen.
When darkness is no less Fade to a dimly rudlit room with posters on the wall, a skyscraper and a station with futuristic trains.
Than everything you've built become undone Pan across the posters to a woman looking out the window at a city in flames under a black sky.
There's no fight Looking down over the woman's shoulder, we see a large street protest being barely held back by a wall of riot police.
And no flight Follow the woman as she walks across the room, passing two more posters on the opposite wall: a space station and a rocket emerging from an assembly building.
Disaster leaves your passion overrun The woman sits down at a desk and slumps in despair. The desk is covered in blueprints, on top of which is a newspaper with the blaring headline "FOOD RIOTS" and a photo of drought-stricken crops.
It's time to let go A man puts his hand on the woman's shoulder and gently gets her to stand up.
Time to carry on with the show They enter a hallway lit by a flashing fire alarm and start to hurry toward an exit stairway.
Don't mourn what is gone They leave the building by a small side door and hurry away behind the backs of the riot police. Zoom in on an angry, tearful protester whose sign reads "R.I.P.: LIVABLE CLIMATE, 10 MILLION SPECIES, CIVILIZATION."
Greet the dawn Fade to white, then to sunrise over a bay.
And I will be standing by your side Pull back to show the man and woman standing on a promontory overlooking the seaside city, which is still burning.
Together we'll face the turning tide Fade to the same scene, but with the sea having risen to flood the streets and the fires having largely gone out, leaving burnt-out, skeletal buildings surrounded by water.
(Instrumental section) Montage of environmental destruction: a forest fire, dead brown crops, floods, storms, etc.
Remembrance can be a sentence Pan down from the ruined city on the horizon, past a broken-down combine harvester in a huge fallow field, to the man and woman, now older, working among others on a small organic farm plot as storm clouds mass overhead.
But it comes to you with a second chance in tow The man and woman hurrying into a small room with torrential rain beating against the windows, drenched and looking beaten-down.
Don't lose it, don't refuse it The woman sits at a desk and opens a book to diagrams labeled "Internal Combustion Engine" and "Coal-Fired Power Plant."
For you cannot learn a thing you think you know The woman closes the book and pushes it aside. Its cover reads "Blueprints for Civilization."
A new light is warm A sunbeam appears, shining through a grimy window behind the woman.
Shining down on you after the storm Sunlight illuminates the desk. The woman gets out a sketchpad and starts drawing.
Don't mourn what is gone The man looks over her shoulder and they both smile.
Be the dawn Fade to white, then to sunrise over the bay.
And I will be standing by your side Pull back to show the man and woman standing on a promontory overlooking the ruined, flooded city.
Together we'll face the turning tide They turn to join a large group of people headed down the hill toward the city, carrying building materials.
(Instrumental section) Montage of the city being reclaimed and rebuilt using sustainable technologies: wind turbines, solar panels, green roofs, electric boats, etc. Alternate with shots of people sleeping in tents, then in unfinished rooms open to the sky.
Finally, we see the two main characters getting out of bed in a finished, comfortable apartment, with posters of a space elevator and a Biosphere 2-like structure on their wall. They look out the window and we see a final shot of the city with the sun rising in the background.
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