Resilient Communities Mini-Unconference

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You are cordially invited to attend all or part of a small two-day unconference on August 4th and 5th, 2018, at the Sanders residence in Portland. Despite its size (7 adults, 2 children), we're planning two tracks. One is about building communities and preserving knowledge in ways that are resilient to major changes in the world, up to and including societal collapse. The other track is about making communities great places for children, and will be full of kid-friendly activities.


Playful Track

  • Saturday
    • Drawing
    • Wetlands exploration
    • Playing Evolution
    • Swimming
  • Sunday

Mature Track

Planned sessions that didn't happen

  • Building Moonument models
  • In a "Foundation" community that saves "all human knowledge," what do we teach our children? (curriculum)
  • Community, belonging, and the challenges of mental illness

Photos from the event

Thanks, Shelley!

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