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Perseverance matches long-term actions to long-term thinking.
Without Perseverance,
we would Hope for change but never succeed in making it happen,
no matter how much Creativity and Pragmatism we applied to the problem.

When Octavia Butler came to speak at Pomona College in the fall of 2002, she told us that if we want to write novels, we don't really need any talent but the willingness to persevere. Writing a novel takes a massive commitment of time and effort, and the biggest danger is simply that you will give up in the middle.

How much harder, then, will it be to avoid giving up in the middle of a centuries-long project to heal our world and plant the Seeds of Gaia on other worlds?

Fantastic! What do you think the relationship between Perseverence and Discipline is? I think it would be fun to consider different ways of factoring human virtues into fundamental and derived virtues.

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