October 21, 2018: Business Call

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  • Check in
  • Opening Blessing
  • Review WWWs
  • Weekly event logistics
  • Review Agenda
  • Getting back in touch with the Sanders
  • Who are we?
    • Are we still Gaia's People?
  • Viventibus Mundos/Galaxia
  • Evaluations
  • Closing Blessing

Next business call

  • Foundation
  • SolSeed Creed
  • New Videos


  • Eric … I'm about to drive down to Ottawa; I always feel uneasy about that, abandoning what I've been working on here and going back to something else … it's disruptive
  • Ben … I watched Hitchhikers with a friend. My petition inched past one hundred signatures. Today I will do some text banking, contacting voters in swing districts.

Opening Blessing

We come together to celebrate the work we do, to plan it, to do a little of it, to feel like we have allies. May our time together inspire us toward great things. --Blessed Be

Personal WWWs from last time

  • Ben: Write 3 pages of my novel
    • I wrote one page yesterday
  • Shawn: Finish Verbal GRE section, start Analytical GRE section
  • Shawn: Finish Into the Cool
  • Eric: First "step" for Buckleberry is to build autonomous quadcopters that collect twigs
    • For this week: Research at least 1 different copter per day … for several weeks!

Group WW(W)s from last time

  • Shawn … contact someone at Windward about visiting … after talking to Scott about visiting him in Hood River
  • Everyone … choose the one thing about the Viventibus Mundos ritual we most want to change, for discussion next meeting
  • Eric … choose the one thing about the Viventibus Mundos ritual we most want to change, for discussion next meeting

Personal WWWs

  • Eric: Keep moving forward on the houses…
  • Ben: Write 3 pages of my novel

Group WW(W)s

  • Eric: Contact Brandon about the wiki
  • Eric and Ben: Find out what Shawn thinks of the name "Gaia Vision Fellowship" … when he gets back from Europe

Buckleberry report

  • Eric found that drones that he could modify to pick up twigs are really expensive
  • He also needs to get other big projects out of the way before he'll have enough time to invest in this project

Weekly Events Logistics

Service rotation: Eric, Shawn, Ben
  • October 27th Service: 10 AM PST / 13:00 EST … Ben
  • October 28th Business Call: 10:00 AM PST / 13:00 EST, on Skype

Getting back in touch with the Sanders

  • Eric: I've had a couple of text conversations with Brandon
  • Eric: Will they come to a service call this month? Or a Samhain call?
    • Ben: I want to know what they are doing in Portland for Samhain.
  • Ben: I want Brandon to fix the wiki.
    • Eric: I'd like the keys to the wiki so we can fix it ourselves. Brandon doesn't want to be doing it anymore, and I think I could learn it easily enough. Patrick could help too.

Are we still Gaia's People?

  • Eric: I could rebrand and redomain the wiki
  • Ben: Object to the new name because it sounds like we are Gaia’s People and you are not. And at the same time it sounds very casual. There is no formal thing like a church or a movement or a company. It is just these people you know. Both overconfident and underconfident at the same time.

Talk about other name possibilities

  • Parameters, no-go conditions
    • Ben's:
      • Can’t be too informal-sounding
      • Can’t make us sound like the chosen ones.
      • Can't sound too much like we believe in something supernatural
    • Eric:
      • Has to include Gaia
      • Should include a sense of service or dedication
  • Process
    • We're SolSeed until we come up with an alternative that no one is willing to veto
    • Don't demand perfection or veto just because "you're not getting your way," but do veto names that would make you uncomfortable being in the group
  • Examples of things that might fit
    • Gaia Vision
      • Meets the criteria, although the dedication part isn't very strong
      • Kind of feels incomplete as an organization name
        • Add "Organization" or "Movement" on the end … makes us sound much bigger and better organized than we really are
        • Talk about ourselves as "GaiaVision.org" … very shiny and fits who we are with our huge wiki, but doesn't match very well with our aspiration to do real-world work in service of the vision
        • "Fellowship" fits us pretty well

Closing Blessing

Good work! --Blessed Be


  • Ben: I'm really glad you like my name idea
  • Eric: Thumbs up
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