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===Week Three: Sophia and the Gods of the Bible ===
===Week Three: Sophia and the Gods of the Bible ===
*July 7th: [[Sophia and Yahweh]]
*July 7th: [[Sophia and Yahweh]]
*July 8th: [[Sophia and the Holy Spirit]]

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A Book of Days for Gaia's People


A Book of Days is a book which lists a different version of the same activity for each day. This creates both variety and sameness of practice in your life which brings you a deeper connection and stronger practice to your religious experience. This Book of Days draws upon the SolSeed symbolic year and the SolSeed practice of daily contemplation to give a practitioner a deeper understanding of the SolSeed religion. Feel free to use this book for whatever period you find useful, pick a day here and there to follow or follow it for multiple years. This is a wiki so feel free to add new options to existing days and to make additions to existing contemplations. Each day will include a quote from a text that SolSeed members have found meaningful and then a discussion of that quote. Following this there will be a suggestion for a contemplative practice. The calendar will start just after the Winter Solstice which is the beginning of the SolSeed symbolic year.


Week One: Contemplation on the Shape of Space-Time

Week Two: Contemplations on Galaxies and Stars

Week Three: Contemplations on Sol

Week Four: Contemplations on the Earth

Week Five: Contemplations on Water

Week Six: Contemplations on Air


Week One: Snowball Earth

Week Two: The Origin of Multicellularity

Viriditas de Terra

Week One: Plants and Sunlight


Week One: Life is Precious

Week Two: The Mechanisms of Diversity

Week Six: Gaia through the ages


Week One: Understanding The Mind

Week Two: The Advantages of Homeothermy

Week Three: Sophia and the Gods of the Bible


Week One: Gaia's guidance in our Lives

Week Two: Gaia and the Contributor Story

Week Three: Gaia and Community

Week Four: Gaia and Peace

Week Six: Gaia Gives Birth

Viventibus Mundos

Week One: Gaia and evolution

Week Two: Goddesses and Planets

Week Six: SolSeed Through the Future

Viventibus Galaxia

Week One: Gaia in the far future

Week Two: The Nature and Purpose of Life

Week Three: LifeSeed

Week Four: Thea Me Plokamia and the Fate of the Universe

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