March 3, 2016: Online Work Bee

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Thursday Agenda

  • Check in
  • Opening Blessing
  • Project Work
    • Brandon: Beginner’s study guide draft
    • Ben: Work on getting my payment method for my internet provider updated
    • Ben: Work on the talk for the Contact Conference / Spring Equinox
  • Evaluation
  • Closing Blessing

Check In

  • Ben … I have had a hard week at work, but tomorrow I’m going to Olympia instead of working. I’ll be on a bus with lots of fellow climate activists. It will be great fun.
  • Brandon … I'm overwhelmed and need to just focus, one thing at a time.

Opening Blessing

Our lives feel very hard, and it can be hard to remember how fortunate we are to have enough stability and space in our lives to pursue our highest aspirations. May we remember to be grateful even as we seek to improve the lives of people and beings including ourselves. -- Blessed Be


  • Brandon … I feel about the same … I realized that I'm tired and should probably just go to bed
  • Ben … I feel victorious, I fought my way through this tech support jungle and emerged with a new password and valid payment method for my internet … also I made a bit of progress on revising my talk for the contact conference

Closing Blessing

Many aspects of our lives are richer than John D. Rockefeller could even consider. May we be grateful for our material circumstances, for the many opportunities we have, and for our friends who care about and support us. -- Blessed Be

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