March 27, 2011: Online Work Bee

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  • Check In
  • Review WWWs
  • Seed Village
  • Next Service
  • One Page Plan
  • March Newsletter

Check In

  • Brandon ... was really discouraged going into this weekend, then had time to recharge, now feeling well rested
  • Ben ... been feeling sick (a smidge) but doing stuff anyway ... lost water bottle and retrieved it again
  • Shelley ... worked in the garden today ... so fun ... I love working in the garden (it's looking beautiful)
  • Sequoia ... went to OMSI today with Mommy and Daddy ... been really happy today compared to entire last week

WWWs from last time

  • Shelley ... invite Jerry to do the service ... by tomorrow (but he was out of town)
  • Shelley ... obtain and peruse the Daybreak bylaws to see if they have stuff we can use ... by next call (did read website, need to contact Ted for bylaws)
  • Ben ... find a contact for Sabin Green ... by next call
  • Ben ... buy a copy of Creating a Life Together ... by next call (it should arrive tomorrow)

Seed Village

The Decision

  • Jason won't be available until after tomorrow ... might be busy with the new baby
  • Ben's thoughts
    • Plus ... I can totally imagine myself living in the ADU 15 years from now, doing creative stuff at my desk, looking at the Japanese maple, having some cool job in Portland, possibly even living there with a life partner
    • Main Reservation ... believe fortune favors those who keep their options open, and committing to this closes off a lot of options ... I'd be committing to not move for 10 or 15 years (doesn't match up with my recent history of 1 move per year) ... then of course my job search would be limited to the Portland area
    • Willing to start working with the architects, knowing that we can quit in the middle (having spent some money) if necessary
  • Shelley's thoughts
    • I think we should go for it ... I think it will enrich all of our lives ... living in a smaller amount of property for more humans is socially responsible ... this is a big house and a big plot of land for how many people are living here
    • We've always viewed this home as a 30-year home ... I never really planned to get out ... there could be other "safety valve" options
  • Brandon's thoughts
    • I say yes ... you guys have done a pretty good job of covering the positives and negatives
    • First, we do need to come to an agreement that spells everything out, to prevent hidden expectations and frustration when they aren't met

Ben/Sanders Contract concept

  • Split three ways almost everything
  • Other details stored on Ben's computer and the TypeWith.Me


2011 1st Quarter Goals, due 3/31/2011

  • Seed 2011: GREEN
    • Yellow: The event occurs on February 5-7
    • Green: Everyone who attends feels positively toward SolSeed when they leave
    • Super Green: Somebody "levels up"
  • Children's book: RED
    • Yellow: Another test copy (all but 4 pages are redone)
    • Green: Publish it
    • Super Green: Distribute it to 20 people
  • SpaceWiki: GREEN
    • Yellow:
      • Administer the contest through Jan. 31
      • Get search working on the SpaceWiki site
    • Green: Make a schedule of events for the year
    • Super Green: Make a content quality scale and apply it to all non-stub articles
  • Seed Village: GREEN
    • Yellow:
      • Meet with architect
      • Set date for Ben to move
    • Green: Complete reverse timeline from when Ben moves
    • Super Green:
      • Have as-built plans for the current Seed Village
      • Make a budget for the cottage
  • Spiritual practice: RED
    • Yellow: Have an equinox celebration (foiled by illness at the last minute)
    • Green: Convene the co-conveners for Kindred 2011
    • Super Green: Have an inspiring purpose statement for Kindred 2011

2011 2nd Quarter Goals, due 6/30/2011 (draft)

  • Seed Village
    • Yellow: Complete preliminary phase
    • Green: Complete schematic phase
    • Super Green: Complete schematic phase in time to have something worth showing at Earth Day
  • Earth Day 2011
    • Yellow: Have three booths
    • Green:
      • Have all three kindred organizations represented (plus ET Ag)
      • Improve on last year's process for collection of contact information for interested visitors to the booths
    • Super Green: Follow up with each contact we make within one week
  • Children's book
    • Yellow: Another test copy (all but 4 pages are redone)
    • Green: Publish it
    • Super Green: Distribute it to 20 people
  • SpaceWiki
    • Yellow: Reserve a table at the Space Elevator Conference
    • Green: Create an effective way of dealing with all the spam on the websit
    • Super Green: Have a good sponsorship outreach plan
  • Spiritual practice
    • Yellow: Have a solstice celebration
    • Green: Rewrite the SolSeedCreed
    • Super Green: Incorporate the church


  • Brandon ... contact Jason to get the Seed Pod started (!) ... by tomorrow
  • Brandon ... prepare service for 10 AM Saturday
  • Shelley ... email Jerry about service ... by tomorrow
  • Ben ... write first-quarter newsletter ... by next call
  • Ben ... find out about exhibitors at the Space Elevator Conference ... by next call
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