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* [ The Genesis Project] ... Like SOLIS but targetting Primordial Oxygen Worlds (worlds where an oxygen atmosphere was created before cooling by UV hydrolisus and gravitational centrifugation and planetary loss of Hydrogen)  Such worlds would be habitable to modern Terrestrial aerobic life but would prevent the formation of native life because precursor molecules would be destroyed by ambient oxygen.

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Kindred is a term used within the SolSeedMovement to refer to anyone or any organization that shares the Values of the GreaterMovement of which the SolSeedMovement is a part.

See: Kindred 2015


Venn Diagram

SolSeed-Kindred.png source SolSeed-Kindred.svg (ask Brandon for a copy)

Featured Kindred

Pagan Renwal


Reimagining Humanity’s Timeless Spirituality



God is Change. Shape God.

Humanistic Paganism

Hp logo.jpg

A way of life rooted in ancient Paganism and modern science. -HP Website

SolSeed is proud to have contributed to the Humanistic Paganism blog and, because of our shared naturalistic worldview, to call Humanistic Pagans Kindred.

The Living Universe Foundation

LUF logo.jpg

A non-profit organization whose purpose is to ensure the eternal prosperity of life in this universe. - LUF Website

Because of our common goal of striving toward the prosperity of Life in this universe, SolSeed calls LUF Kindred.

TMP2 is a LUF project to compile a comprehensive and scientifically sophisticated articulation of a very long-term plan for colonizing the galaxy.

Multifaith Housing Initiative


Helping people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness by providing and promoting well maintained, affordable, rental housing in a safe and neighbourly environment.... -MHI Website

Because of our common goal of embracing empathy and because of its nature as an organization which brings religions together, SolSeed calls MHI Kindred.

SOLIS: The Society for Life in Space/The Interstellar Panspermia Society


Dedicated to Securing and Expanding Life in Space... -SOLIS Website

Because of our common goal of spreading Life throughout the galaxy, SolSeed calls SOLIS Kindred.

Spiritual Naturalist Society

Sns logo.jpg

Spiritual Naturalism (also called religious naturalism) is a worldview, value system, and personal life practice. A religion to some, philosophy to others, Spiritual Naturalism sees the universe as one natural and sacred whole – as is the rationality and the science through which nature is revealed. -SNS Website

As a Naturalist Religion, SolSeed is proud to be a partner of the Spiritual Naturalist Society

Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations


We are diverse in faith, ethnicity, history and spirituality, but aligned in our desire to practice our faith in tangible ways. We are believers in what is good, what is right, and what is just.-UUA Website

The spirit of Unitarian Universalism is the spirit of Kindred, to welcome all and encourage the sharing of beliefs, values and practices among diverse groups in order that each is facilitated in finding their true path.

Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Ottawa


Whatever your heritage, whatever your occupation, whatever your faith, whomever your love --- AT UUFO, YOU ARE WELCOME.-UUFO Website

Thank you, UUFO for welcoming me - Eric

Windward Center


A cooperative community of over thirty years in the making dedicated to preserving and developing village scale technologies needed to support a thriving sustainable community on marginal land.

SolSeed is very interested in the maker attitude toward technology and intentional communities and sustainability and so we enthusiastically call Windward Kindred.

Kindred Who Need Write Ups

This list needs some going over. Perhaps expansion and a small blurb about why each organization is on the list.

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