June 5, 2011: Online Work Bee

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  • Check In
  • Review WWWs
  • Review Agenda
  • Next Service Logistics
  • One Page Plan ... peel off next steps
  • Solstice
  • Space Elevator Conference
  • Video
  • Evaluation

Check In

  • Brandon ... just hosted a Meetup with 7 people ... didn't go very well but learned a lot ... feel badly
  • Shelley ... fine ... if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all ... exhausted with a whole week of work ahead of her :-(
  • Ben ... pretty tired too, no particularly good reason ... jetlagged? (been 10 days)
  • Sequoia ... played in the kiddie pool in our yard today but thinks it's a bath so that he should take his swimsuit off :-)

WWWs from last time

  • Brandon ... email Shelley her WWWs ... by tonight
  • Brandon ... find decisions from the past for Seed Village (from meeting notes, seed village pages, etc) ... by tomorrow
  • Shelley ... put her WWWs into omni-focus ... by tomorrow
  • Shelley ... finish draft agenda for Vision and Goals section (3-4 hrs with a vision document for the decision log as the outcome) ... by the memorial day weekend
  • Shelley ... invite Jerry for Friday night service ... by today


  • Shelley ... check in with Jerry for Saturday service ... by today
  • Shelley ... personally invite Heather, Meg, and parents ... by next call
  • Brandon ... publish 20 copies of the children's book ... by next call
  • Brandon ... find decisions from the past for Seed Village (from meeting notes, seed village pages, etc) ... by Tuesday
  • Brandon ... submit abstract for space elevator conference ... by Saturday (June 11)
  • Brandon ... personally invite parents, sister and nephews, and John ... by next call
  • Shelley & Brandon ... run the calendar (space elevator conference, Orlando, E & E wedding)
  • Ben ... send out a general email with invitation to the two Solstice events ... by next call
  • Ben ... personally invite my parents to the Solstice ... by next call
  • Ben ... enter notes from the Seed Village Vision Workshop ... by next call

Next Service Logistics

10am Saturday June 11, 2011 ... Jerry (or Shelley if not Jerry) Rotation: Brandon, Jerry?, Shelley, Ben


  • Saturday June 18th hike
    • Meet at the Seed Village at 2:30 PM, leave by 3
    • Eat a picnic supper in the gorge after the hike
      • Hot dogs
      • Carrots, celery, pickles, olives, ranch dip
      • Strawberry shortcake
      • Chips
      • Ice cream? (Will it keep in a cooler with lots of ice?)
      • Water
    • Spiritual practice: Noticing the good things in our lives

Children's Book

  • The full poem has been moved to the end, just before the description of SolSeed
    • Ben approves the description, and Shelley approves the design of the page
    • Ben suggests the poem could be removed and just have the name and author listed, but Brandon and Shelley say no, because the poem is the reason for the book's existence

Space Elevator Conference

  • August 12-14
  • Get tickets sometime in June to get early bird rates


  • Brandon has the current video on DVD, but doesn't feel ready to mail it to Lori
    • Shelley is sure that Lori is still up for looking at it and potentially writing a new song for it
    • Bring it up again next week


  • Brandon ... I like that the call is on time and that there isn't time pressure ... but feeling so overwhelmed right now that having a call at all is feeling like a lot
  • Shelley ... the call is a good way to keep movement happening, dates are important to feel like we have time for the call
  • Ben ... kind of nice to feel like we are on top of things enough to not need to spend the full hour
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