June 25, 2015: Online Work Bee

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Thursday Agenda

  • Check in
  • Opening Blessing
  • Project Work
    • Brandon: Put kids to bed
    • Brandon: Correspondence with John Halstead about Kindred
    • Brandon: Correspondence with Paul Krafel about Kindred
    • Brandon: Work on a Gaian version of the Creed http://wiki.solseed.org/GaianCreed
    • Brandon: Work on the invitation
    • Brandon: Work on Gaia.Wiki
    • Brandon: Correspondence
    • Ben: Work on the newsletter
    • Ben: Work on the hemisphere code
    • Ben: Post stuff to Gaia.wiki
    • Ben: Work on the "Gospel According to Ben"
    • Eric: Continue to design a robot.
    • Eric: Rework blog post based on Ben’s comments
  • Evaluation
  • Closing Blessing

Check In

  • Sequoia and Ren … Hi
  • Brandon … My throat is incredibly sore, but I am feeling fairly positive anyway … ibuprofen helps
  • Ben … It’s 86 degrees out (F thank goodness as both K and C would be really bad) ... I had a nice morale event today; team went for a lunch at a Brewery.
  • Eric … I'm really looking forward to working on my robot during this call … I'm going to try winding my own solenoid

Opening Blessing

Life is dazzling and overwhelming and calming and fret-causing. May we embrace all that life is. May we be alive during this time together. Bring Life. --Blessed Be

Weekly Events Logistics


  • July 2 Work-Bee: 6:30 PM PST, 21:30 EST (Eric at cottage)


Service rotation: Eric, Shelley, Brandon, Ben
  • June 27 Service: 8:15 AM PDT (Brandon) … Eric out (dragon boat race)
  • June 28 Business Call: 5:30 PM PDT, 20:30 EDT


The SolSeed Movement is in full event-planning mode. In and around the ongoing discussions for our big August event, the Shiny Green Tribal Convergence, we've somehow managed to pull off celebrations of both the mid-Spring cross-quarter and the Summer Solstice on both sides of the continent. We've also found time for philosophical discussions about artificial intelligence and the sacred stories we live by.

Eric has been participating in tree-planting events around the midpoint of Spring for years. This year, he joined two such events, and also participated in a "Tulipathon" to benefit the Multifaith Housing Initiative. Meanwhile, in Portland, we traveled to the planned location of the Shiny Green Tribal Convergence to participate in a Hoyt Arboretum gardening work bee, followed by a movie screening at the Seed Village that evening.

The movie, a new documentary called Planetary, provided part of the motivation for our subsequent discussions and a blog post about sacred stories. The currently dominant sacred story in our culture says that "each of us is a free, independent individual separate from nature and in competition with everyone else." Both Planetary and the Pachamama Alliance, whose Game Changer Intensive course I participated in from late March through early May, agree on the need for a new story of connection and interdependence, which dovetails neatly with SolSeed's ideas about how "each of us is a cell in Gaia's body."

Of course, we also embrace Carl Sagan's insight that "we are star-stuff," which helped motivate the West Coast contingent's decision to focus on stargazing for this year's Summer Solstice celebration. We traveled to Maryhill, Washington, to visit a replica of Stonehenge, a monument which may well have been built by ancient astronomers, and to try out Brandon's new telescope, taking advantage of the dark skies far from city lights. Meanwhile, in Ottawa, Eric's family ran a mini-triathlon [insert details...]

  • Preparations for August
  • AI?
  • Add more links to May events


  • Eric … I'm disappointed in how much I was able to figure out in one hour … I guess designing a robot isn't something you do in just a few minutes
  • Ben … I’m happy with my progress on the newsletter.

Closing Blessing

We came together; we were dazzled; we were overwhelmed; we fretted; and we calmed down. May we take what we learned during this hour, and what we experienced during this time together, and bring life to the rest of our week. -- Blessed Be

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