January 31, 2016: Business Call

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Sunday Agenda

  • Check in
  • Opening Blessing
  • Review WWWs
  • Weekly event logistics
  • Review Agenda
  • Cross-quarter event
  • Concerning.ai
    • Why AI is not going to be a problem (?)
  • Strategic planning
  • Evaluation
  • Closing Blessing

Check In

  • Ben … I’m at work on a Sunday … which sucks … there isn’t even anyone else here (like there was yesterday)
  • Brandon … I really hurt my hand working in the garden … had a really good day otherwise, feeling happy

Opening Blessing

May we find peace, joy, and love; may we find safety, connection, and purpose. May this work be satisfying. -- Blessed Be

WW(W)s from last time

Organize the WW(W)s by person and then due date if desired. We’ll start checking in on topical community protocol and meditation for each mini-period between workbees. Holacracy founder Brian Robertson says these are bad: http://holacracy.org/blog/the-insanity-of-the-what-by-when

  • Ben … meditate regularly with Eric ... ongoing
  • Ben … follow your topical community protocol for this period ... ongoing
  • Ben … finish and send the newsletter … by Thursday
  • Brandon … meditate regularly with Eric ... ongoing
  • Brandon … follow your topical community protocol for this period ... ongoing
  • Brandon … read newsletter draft … by Thursday
  • Brandon … call RACC … by Thursday


  • Ben … meditate regularly with Eric ... ongoing
  • Ben … follow your topical community protocol for this period ... ongoing
  • Brandon … meditate regularly with Eric ... ongoing
  • Brandon … follow your topical community protocol for this period ... ongoing
  • Brandon … play the games … by Thursday
  • Brandon … get snacks for hike and for games … by Saturday
  • Brandon … update the text description to properly introduce Eric (Concerning.AI # -2 or so)
  • Brandon … call RACC … by Thursday
  • Brandon … reply to John RE Earthseed … by tonight
  • Brandon … discuss weekly/monthly SolSeed event with Shelley … by next business call

Weekly Events Logistics


  • February 4 Work-Bee: 6:30 PM PST / 21:30 EST


Service rotation: Eric, Ben, Shelley, Brandon
  • February 6 Service: 9 AM PST / 12 EST … Shelley
  • February 7 Business Call: canceled due to holiday

Winter cross-quarter

Games (4 PM)

  • Don’t Break the Ice
  • Thin Ice (?)
  • Evolution (2-6 players, could work for almost any of our seasonal celebrations)
  • Marbles (space-themed)
  • Ben recommends the Sanders play the new games before the event

Signups: 11 for hike, 14 for games

  • Ben raised the cap on the games Meetup from 14 to 18 (Keith was worried about having reached the limit)

Concerning.AI … why AI is not going to be a problem

Jerry Kaplan … we are framing AI wrong. The main reason people build AI software is to automate tasks, not to create general intelligence. Therefore we are going to have some economic disruptions (Humans Need Not Apply). Asserts that worrying about the robot apocalypse is missing the point of what AI is about. “A reminder that AI systems don’t need red laser eyes to be dangerous.”

Ben … As long as ants aren’t bothering us, we tend to leave them alone. This might also be true for how superhuman AIs treat us.

Strategic Planning

Unsexy things we need to do:

  • Keeping track of our SolSeed finances every month
  • Updating Facebook regularly
  • Keeping a community wiki site active (Space.wiki, Gaia Wiki)
    • For example redirecting Space.wiki to SpaceWiki.com (or vice versa)
  • Finishing projects that feel really cool at first (writing SolSeed: The Book of Life, making a music video for The Seed, the 12 drip emails)
  • Corresponding with people who are interested in SolSeed
  • Seeking public speaking opportunities to share about SolSeed
  • Working regularly on Flight in a Cage
  • Holding regular in-person events
  • Writing posts for HP, Earthseed, etc.

Ways to remedy the situation:

  • Keeping finances up
    • Create a legal organization where it is illegal not to keep track
    • Have one workbee per month where we go find out how much our SolSeed virtual account has increased … making it regular and doing it together seems to Ben like it might work better
    • Having one owner for this and one day a month where we hold them accountable for whether they did it or not
    • Have one finance meeting per month where we update everything (that is most of the business meeting)
    • Have our next business call (February 14) be about bringing the shared spreadsheet up to date
  • Engagement funnel
    • Could have in-person service meetings and advertise them, maybe somewhere other than the Seed Village
      • Maybe once a month
      • Have a service at 11 and then a potluck?
      • Have a regular hike?
  • Correspondence
    • Brandon … I don't have an obvious ask of people most of the time
    • Ben … even when you do, it seems like you procrastinate a lot
    • Brandon … yes I do … I'm not sure how much I'm willing to invest in this right now, so having engagement could be costly (long conversations)
    • Ben … I worry that I’ll spend time crafting correspondence and get no reply
    • Brandon … yes, that is also disheartening
    • Brandon … what do we want from people?
    • Ben … sometimes something specific (e.g., O.Z. to appear on video), sometimes we just want people to get involved (e.g., J.H. to do some of our things as we do some of his)
  • Brandon … what do we want people to do in the second case?
    • Ben … join us on the business calls and workbees and help us get stuff done.
    • Brandon … I notice you don’t have the service in there
    • Ben … sure, that too … make it feel more like a real religious practice rather than just a few weirdos hanging out
    • Brandon … what do we have to offer people
    • Ben … if they happen to share our belief that Life in general is what we should value, and that we should take Life into space, we offer them the chance to have friends and spend time with people who share those values
    • Ben … eventually we hope to offer the chance to accomplish stuff that is in line with those values … and the more people we have the more things we can work on (if we can figure out how to motivate ourselves).


  • Ben … I feel like it is nice that we spent the time that needed to be spent on a couple agenda items rather than feeling rushed about it … and it would be nice to get back to the SolSeed creed revision at some point … but we shouldn’t do it if we are just feeling rushed in order to get there
  • Brandon … I think I'm surprised by how little space in my life there is for SolSeed right now.

Closing Words

We came here to do the work and we are satisfied with the work we have done, and yet we are also never satisfied, because there is always more work as we continue on the path toward our highest aspirations. May we hold this paradox lightly and simply continue to do what we can when we can. -- Blessed Be

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