January 18, 2010: Online Work Bee

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  • Review WWWs
  • Pick theme for Feb 6
  • Spacewiki.com
  • NorWesCon

WWWs from last time

  • Shelley ... email to Ben about February 6 (ben to forward) ... tonight
    • Ben was uncomfortable sending out the message due to its religious connotations
  • Shelley ... service program outline ... by next meeting (Sunday)
    • Done, except no theme yet
  • Ben ... booth and table applications sent ... by next meeting (Sunday)
    • Set email re table, haven't heard back yet
  • Brandon ... invite Mark and Ted to NorWesCon ... by next meeting (Sunday)
    • Only Mark so far
  • Ben ... email triad, ask Shelley for phone #s if they don't reply
    • Done, first triad probably next Tuesday

Theme discussion

from last time

  • Theme/seed concept brainstorming
    • Something about where the SolSeedMovement is currently going
    • Something appropos to the moment
    • Environmental focus ... what is one action I could take
      • Advocacy? (write your senator, look at emails from environmental groups)
      • Individual actions? (bike riding, replace bulbs w/ CFLs, etc)
    • Other action-focused ideas
      • Eco-village
    • Brandon: But have a greater focus on non-business-specific, inspirational concepts, focused around appreciation of Life
    • Birth of Gaia out of Chaos (UU sermon)
    • Reading like the one at church today
    • Discussion of the Destiny as a possible theme
      • If we have a church it will almost certainly have to be a church of TheDestiny as well as a church of life
      • Visualize something on a laptop from the Hubble Space Telescope or something like it


  • Theme based on one of the values
    • Empathy (probably doing this for Feb. 6)
    • Others for later
      • Life is precious
      • The Destiny, Be starfarer now
      • Presence / mindfulness / being in the now, Nurture body, mind and spirit (SelfLove)
      • We ALL are precious SolSeed (openness/welcoming differences) (community) (Empathy)
      • Acting Upstream (Wisdom)


  • Google searches for "space" and "wiki" are about 70,000/month
    • We could buy the spacewiki.com domain for $900
    • .org is owned by Apogee Books ... don't know if we can buy it
    • Shelley: but do we really want another project?
  • To make this useful for bringing in searchers, we can't just forward it to solseed.org
    • Could have public-domain news articles, space images
    • Could mimic the icannwiki success by going to space-industry conferences, registering users with caricatures, and building connection with the most important space players (?)
      • Ray started icannwiki, got a booth at an actual ICANN meeting and had caricatures done and posted on the wall, making the attendees curious
      • This could be a fast way to get "in" with space industry players as well
        • Caricatures are a successful meme
          • But do we want a bunch of people who are drawn in solely by that?
      • Goal would be to create a Who's Who of the space field
        • Should we look to see if someone is already doing something similar?
    • Would work toward having a space business ... need relationships in the industry first
    • Sponsorships ... where would we get them?


  • Deadline for getting a dealer booth was last month, and we would need a Washington State business license
  • Brandon is wondering if the work to do sci-fi conventions is worth it
  • Just get a table ... how many of our previous ideas can we still use?
    • Ideas from last time
      • "Gaian" aesthetic - green shag carpet, potted plants?
        • Give away healthy non-processed food as "party favors" (Apples maybe? or dried fruit?)
          • Must be careful about not violating sanitation rules ... etc
          • Labeled with SolSeed or in a cute little bag?
        • Tea bags ... want people eating it right in front of everybody
      • Seed packets! ... come with a button that says "I'm planting Seeds"
      • Remote Controlled Helicopters ... raffle to win it ... probably not, if we don't have a booth
      • Pictures of space and the Galaxy
      • Karoake?
    • Goals
      • Get our name out there in the science fiction world
      • Stretch goal: get new members


  • Brandon will set up the email group and then notify Shelley (by tomorrow)
  • Shelley will then send Feb 6 email
  • Shelley will contact Sibelmans about music (after email goes out)
  • Brandon will contact Kevin to get going on book again (also tomorrow)
  • Ben will keep trying to contact NorWesCon, including by phone (by next meeting)
  • Brandon wil get 50 books to give away at NorWesCon (end of February)
  • When Shelley has more time, she will work on snack giveaways
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