January 16, 2011: Online Work Bee

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  • Check In
  • Review WWWs
  • Seed 2011

Check In

  • Shelley ... my back is better
  • Sequoia ... taking a really nice nap
  • Brandon ... finally got moving on getting SpaceWiki email list together
  • Ben ... nervous about timing with the bus

WWWs from last time

  • Brandon ... ping Kevin for face-to-face on the kids' book ... by tomorrow
  • Brandon ... set up an appointment at Oregon Screen Impressions ... by next call
  • Ben ... create Quality Scale page on SpaceWiki with questions ... by next call
  • Ben ... put notes on all SEDS contest contributors' talk pages asking them to come discuss the Quality Scale ... by next call
  • Shelley ... make food for the Music Festival ... by Saturday

Seed 2011

  • Goals
    • Engage people more deeply who want to be engaged (includes all the others)
    • Have good discussions and make decisions ... around community, the nonprofit/church question, learning from other groups' experience, etc, etc
    • People come away wanting to spend more time with each other
    • Feeling united by a common purpose
    • See people commit to a weekly or semimonthly event (probably a potluck)
    • Come together around a service project
  • Ted and Ben's parents could come up for a day

Opening Service

  • Get people's hearts open ... to share a special part of themselves
  • Songs from Sequoia's school?
    • Hello Everybody ... we're glad to see you (helps learn names)
    • Mary Wore a Red Dress song with different words
    • Ben: In general, if someone tells me to sing a kids' song, I may feel like my intelligence was being insulted ... but if there are kids there, maybe it's okay
    • Brandon: It helps people see that we're not taking ourselves too seriously
  • Personal check in ... hand the bulb around ... Today I bring X
  • Invocation/welcome
    • Diverse group coming together for a common purpose
    • Nurturing and supporting each other in being who we seek to be
    • Everyone is interested in bringing life
    • "Some of us see expansion into space as an obvious and natural way in which life is flowering. We celebrate that part of life and seek to encourage that flowering."
    • Others are more focused on Bringing Life here on Earth
    • This event is about sharing ideas and our hearts so that we can support that flowering in whatever form it takes
    • Some of us talking about a service project
    • Some of us talking about community ... for example regular potlucks
    • Some of us talking about something directly related to space
    • Playful part too ... the expression of life in snow play, sledding, hot-tubbing, eating good food together
    • If you find yourself asking "Am I doing this right?" I encourage you to turn that question instead into "What brings life for me?" ... we want to understand what excites each of us as a group
    • Flower and blossom theme ... flower and spaceship theme ... engage that somehow
    • One of our core values is to support "Happy in the Sun" ... each person becoming the best and most complete person that they can
    • When you look at this flower that's a reminder that we're here to support you
    • That holds even in the Seed Village where not everyone will be a member of SolSeed
    • Themes: Bringing Life, community, space
    • Lighting a chalice that will burn all day
  • Open Space introduction after the service
    • Both intellectual/blue-sky and grounded/here-and-now topics
    • If you are wondering about putting up a session ... if it's important to you ... it's important to us


  • Shelley ... send update on Seed 2011 to participants w/ driving directions etc ... by next call
  • Ben ... send emails to SEDS contest participants ... by next call
  • Ben ... upload the draft animation script for "Something You Learn" ... by next call
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