February 2010 Newsletter

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Welcome to the second SolSeed e-newsletter! As promised, having covered "Where we've been" and "Where we are now," we'll now move on to...

Where we're going (the current OnePagePlan)

SolSeed Village visualization 2.jpg

Here are the 2010 goals from our OnePagePlan, with the names of people who will drive the work for each:

  • Spiritual Community: Regular, impactful SolSeed services in Portland, led by multiple people -- Shelley
  • Industry: Income run rate of $100,000/year (~$9000/month) by year's end -- Brandon
  • Place: Ownership of a site for the nucleus of a SolSeed Village by Winter Solstice 2010 -- Mark
  • Media: Publish two SolSeed books, two videos, and a great website -- Ben

And here are the 3-year targets:

  • Place: We can point to a SolSeed village
  • Resources: Yearly budget is $1 million
  • Industry: We are making money from a business related to The Destiny
  • Vision: Our vision is clearly articulated in all core media (website, books, videos, events, Facebook page, etc.)

Progress So Far this Year

  • Sixteen people participated in our first SolSeed service and potluck in Portland on February 6, with the "seed theme" of Empathy. Please join us for the second service on March 20! (See below for details.)
  • We have acquired the domain spacewiki.com, to become a clearinghouse for info on major figures in the space industry, and talked to a dozen caricaturists who might help us attract interest at space industry conferences.
  • We've identified three potential sites for a SolSeed eco-village.
  • Most of the art for our children's book, Happy in the Sun, has been completed, with seven pages left to go.

Happy in the Sun.jpg

Spring Equinox Service

Seed Theme: Balance

When: Saturday, March 20

11 am: Celebration and discussion of balance
12 pm: Potluck -- Shelley and Brandon will provide soup and a green salad. Please bring bread, juice additional salads, or a dessert to share.

Location: Sanders' home at 1824 SE Oak St, Portland OR 97214

Look forward to seeing you there!

Ben Sibelman

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