February 20, 2011: Online Work Bee

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  • Check In
  • Review WWWs
  • The Music Video
  • Seed Village
  • One Page Plan
  • Children's Book
  • Earth Day
  • Service Brunch and Equinox Celebration


  • SpaceWiki: Make a schedule of events for the year
  • Seed Village: Start reverse timeline
  • Kindred 2011: Convene the co-conveners for Kindred 2011

Check In

WWWs from last time

  • Brandon ... mail out the SEDS Contest prizes ... tomorrow
  • Brandon ... get search working on SpaceWiki ... by next call
  • Brandon ... another test copy of "Happy in the Sun" ... by call after next
  • Brandon ... try to sign up for 3 Earth Day booths ... by next call
  • Brandon ... have coffee with Roberto ... by next call
  • Brandon ... ask Ted if he wants to host the "service potluck" and possibly become a Contributing Member ... by next call (if yes, send invitation)
  • Brandon ... talk to Mathew about Earth Day and ask if he wants to become a SolSeed Member by Declaration ... by next call
  • Brandon ... send email to see if we can coordinate a three-way call with the architects ... by next call
  • Shelley ... take picture of marigolds and send it out to everyone, including a save-the-date for the Equinox ... by next call
  • Ben ... talk to Gus about Earth Day and ask if he wants to become a SolSeed Member by Declaration ... by next call (left a voicemail message)

Music Video

  • Brandon has not yet sent Lori the current version of the music video

Seed Village

  • Shelley is getting cold feet about building a backyard cottage when Brandon isn't getting paid
    • Brandon is confident he can get a job very quickly
    • But he's planning to put a lot of energy into the space catapult prototype as well
    • Use the charity fund toward the village?
      • Brandon is okay with that, but Shelley isn't sure
  • It will take $10,000 to get both as-built plans and conceptual drawings
    • Ben would pay 1/3 of that
    • Could we skip the as-built plans for now (about $3500), knowing that we need to do it later?
      • Or just do as-built for the exterior, which should be much cheaper
  • Set a budget for the whole design and construction process of the ADU (expecting it will probably double)?


2011 1 Year Goals (draft)

  • Village: Start construction on a backyard cottage
  • Outreach: Two more contributing members
  • Media: Finish the two books and maintain SpaceWiki
    • Ben: Maybe we could skip the big book?
    • Brandon: I think the big book is critical to being able to describe who we are and what we're about
  • Spiritual practice: Maintain the spiritual practice (weekly service calls, in-person solstice and equinox events) ... this includes Kindred 2011
  • Service: $10,000 or 200 hour contribution (or some combination) to a service project that brings life

2011 1st Quarter Goals, due 3/31/2011

  • Seed 2011
    • Yellow: The event occurs on February 5-7
    • Green: Everyone who attends feels positively toward SolSeed when they leave
    • Super Green: Somebody "levels up" ... working on this
  • Children's book
    • Yellow: Another test copy ... in progress
    • Green: Publish it
    • Super Green: Distribute it to 20 people (if not this quarter, then at Earth Day)
  • SpaceWiki
    • Yellow:
      • Administer the contest through Jan. 31
      • Get search working on the SpaceWiki site
    • Green: Make a schedule of events for the year
    • Super Green: Make a content quality scale and apply it to all non-stub articles
  • Seed Village
    • Yellow:
      • Meet with architect
      • Set date for the move
    • Green: Complete reverse timeline
    • Super Green:
      • Have as-built plans for the current Seed Village
      • Make a budget for the cottage
  • Spiritual practice
    • Yellow: Have an equinox celebration
    • Green: Convene the co-conveners for Kindred 2011
    • Super Green: Have an inspiring purpose statement for Kindred 2011

Happy in the Sun

  • Brandon and Kevin had a good meeting
  • Kevin has WWWs to work on
  • What do we write on the back of the book?

SolSeed is about Bringing Life / Helping life thrive (aka, Happy in the Sun).

The SolSeed Movement is people who cherish the earth, embrace the scientific method as how we know truth, and are committed to living in community and for whom "Happy in the Sun" collectively means spreading life throughout the galaxy. To find out more: SolSeed.org

Earth Day

  • Mathew and Molly will be presenting their Cloacina project in our triple-wide booth
  • Tents cost $95 each

Service Brunch and Equinox

Dear SolSeed friends and members,

We're excited to invite you to two upcoming events:

1: A potluck brunch this coming Sunday where we will imagine how our next service project will unfold. Please check out http://vbc.cityrepair.org/, and bring your calendars with attention to the May 27-June 5 window. In addition, please bring any other ideas you may have for future service projects.

Where: The Common Room at Daybreak Cohousing (http://www.daybreakcohousing.org/ ), 2525 N Killingsworth Street, Portland
When: 10am, Sunday February 27
Food: Potluck Brunch

2: Please save the date for a Spring Equinox hike in the Columbia Gorge, Sunday March 20 in the morning (including lunch). Details TBD.

Hope to see you there!


  • Brandon ... send Shelley her WWWs ... tonight
  • Brandon ... create DVD of Pick a Future to send to Lori ... by next call
  • Brandon ... another test copy of "Happy in the Sun" ... by next call
  • Brandon ... ask John to level up ... by next call
  • Brandon ... Convene the co-conveners for Kindred 2011 ... by next call
  • Brandon ... ping Kevin about Happy in the Sun ... by Wednesday
  • Brandon and Shelley ... send invitation for City Repair Team Interest brunch, including a save the date for the equinox ... by tonight
  • Brandon and Shelley ... discuss the Seed Village plan ... tomorrow night
  • Brandon ... invite all members by declaration to join the conversation ... by next call
  • Shelley ... notify Meg, Heather about brunch and equinox ... by tomorrow
  • Shelley ... notify Laura about brunch and equinox ... by Tuesday
  • Shelley ... request for vacation around June 21 ... by next call
  • Shelley ... make revision of the "who we are" ... by next call
  • Ben ... survive move to new apartment ... by next call
  • Ben ... create rough draft of the SpaceWiki event schedule ... by next call
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