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Events to celebrate the transition from Civis to Viventibus Mundos


From Biospheric Communionism (Eric):

At the Fall Equinox we have a zero-G themed dinner in which we have placemats with velcro tabs on them and all of our cutlery and food packs also has velcro tabs on them so that during the whole meal we can keep our food velcroed to the placemats to keep them from 'floating away'. After we are done we give presentations about cultural contributions to Biospheric Communionism.

From Earthseed (Tony):

The first feast, the Feast of Changes is set in September because there are many changes associated with this time of year and that made it appropriate for me. Some of these are:

  • Fall foliage begins to change color and leaves fall where I live.
  • Children go back to school
  • It is soon after Labor Day, which is sort of the unofficial date for the end of summer.
  • It fit in with the rhythm I thought appropriate for the other holidays

I don’t think we need to see this as a when a new year starts and the old one ends. It is just the first spoke on the wheel as it turns. It is the point of the spiraling dance of the cosmos where we remember both the long past (Deep Past) and recent past.

A thought occurred to me this morning that along with remembering the Great Story and all the ways change acted in the universe to bring us forth and to place us in this position in history, it would also be a good time to remember the changes of the previous year since the last remembrance of The Great Story.


  • God Is Change
  • Remembrance of Things Past
  • Impermanence
  • Children of the Stars
  • The complete view of the change process rather than an individual aspect

Primary Myth/Narrative: The Great Story

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