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One of the Intentional Societies participating in Group Experiences with SolSeed is currently in the process of collaborating to construct a church in Denver. Here are some ideas for names.

Church of Divine Creation
Church of Divinity
Church of Creation
Chuch of Creativity
Foundation for Creation
Foundation for Divine Creation
Upward Spiral Church
Upward Path
Upward Spiral Ministries
Elevated Ministries
Church of the Upward Spiral
Genesis Foundation
Genesis Church
Church of Genesis
Spirit Ministries
Church of Spirit
Spirit Church
Spiritual Ministries - blergh
Community Genesis Church
Road to Genesis Church
Force of Creation Church
Church for the advancement of… - blergh
Community Weaving
Foundation for Community Weaving
Weaving Ministries
New Fabric Ministries
Church of Fabrications
Temple of the Human Spirit
Order of the Upward Spiral
Temple of the Upward Spiral
Foundation for Faith
Life Breath Church
Life Breath Ministries
Breath of Life Church
Kindred of All Life / Kindred of Life
Friends of All Life
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