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Two quite distant points in space time can be so intimitately linked that a small event at one point can utterly change the circumstances at the other. Take, for instance, the two planets Xendo IV and Cliath. Well that isn`t really what we are talking about. We`re talking about points in space time not regions of space. So take the planet Cliath on the 4th day of Maneth during the afternoon recess of the Stigoth school of philosophy in the year 411 of the reign of emperor Nildoon, and consider how that links to the valley of Chi on the planet Xendo IV exactly 40000 years later.

Now Cliath was one of those rare places in the universe where life had evolved to high levels of complexity while Xendo did not naturally acheive either an atmosphere or liquid water. Recess at Stigoth was the time when students normally topped up their water hoppers and ground some Kito wood to shorten their teeth again, which will have grown too long during the long hour of soft talk. But Breek approached Beeg and said to him, "Something you said during debate upset me, you said that Cliath people were too morally debased to spread their filth to other worlds. You said that we should stay here until on Cliath until we improve morally."

Now take a look at Xendo IV 40000 years later. It is 14 light years away and yet this statement by Breek has had ... oh ... no effect. 40000 years later Xendo IV is still a baren world of rock and ice and vacuum.

But she didn't stop there. She continued to speak, "I don't see what our moral debasement has to do with whether we should spread life to other worlds. How can lifelessness be better than being covered in life for a world?"

A now take a look at Xendo IV 40000 years later. It is world covered in forests. The trees are much like those of Cliath but already they have diverged considerably. The animals are much like those of Cliath but their genetic coding has been reprogrammed by Cliath people and yes Cliath people are there in all their moral debasement.

In the valley of Chi, there is a war in progress. The followers of Brik have built many shrines to her. The followers of the prophet Big have also built many shrines to him. Each believe their prophet to be the best way to reach heaven in the afterlife which is ironic because neither Breek nor Beeg upon which they are based believed in an afterlife.

On this particular day, 40000 years exactly after those words, spoken by Breek began a friendship between Breek and Beeg, all but one city of the followers or Brik has fallen to the followers of Big. Soldiers of Big have surrounded this last city, Brik Fast, and are taking the followers of Brik prisoner in the suburbs. Children are being separated from their parents by soldiers. Their is much crying and screaming. But there is no gun fire. Both the followers or Brik and the followers of Big believe that the use of fire in war is an evil beyond evil. So the strange juxstaposition of archers firing from helicopters and motorcycles with lances exist in this sureal war.

Both sides have avoided fighting in the most ecologically sensitive areas. Soldiers have spent time planting after battles regenerating the life that sustains them where it has been trampled on the battle field.

But loss is hard to accept and the leaders of the followers of Brik have not kept completely to their principles. As the soldiers of Big march toward the centre of the capital a silo opens and a rocket launches arching across the valley of Chi, it explodes with a blinding flash over the capital of the followers of Big and the city is rapidly reduced to ashes. Chaos follows.

Perhaps Beeg was right. Perhaps the right thing to do was to stay on Cliath until morallity developed further. If somehow, this knowledge could leak back to Beeg as he and his friend Breek debated and grew their following, then we could look back to Xendo IV and see the valley of Chi, lifeless, barren, vacuum. No children screaming. No parents crying. No rocket launch. No nuclear devastation.

Except, without its atmosphere, the radiation from its sun continuously rakes the surface. So perhaps there is still nuclear devastation. And without the liquid water, there are no trees or animals, no life enjoying itself at all.

For the sake of all that could live on Xendo IV, hope that Breek convinces Beeg, because even with terrible wars Xendo is still a place of more joy with an atmosphere than without.

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