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This season, we focused in on our priority projects and took a few big steps.

Rocket launch.JPG

We all had a great time launching rockets to represent The Destiny, as part of the Portland and Ottawa Solstice celebrations on December 21st and 22nd. The map of the United States on the asphalt was a nice touch, allowing the Portland contingent to imagine the city as the site of a major spaceport. Each celebration also featured a potluck dinner with family and friends.


We moved toward publishing the big SolSeed book (title under review) by translating the text into LaTeX format, which allows us to define margins, title pages, and so on. We even had a partial test copy printed to find out what it would look like.

Terra Lumina album cover.jpg

The CD of songs about science that we helped to produce, Terra Lumina, was released on December 18th! John and Will should now have some time to work on the SolSeed song, using lyrics that I completed in November.

This winter, we will:

  • continue work on the book
  • have a retreat to revisit and refine our overall purpose
  • go skating in February to celebrate Snowball Earth
  • hopefully get the finished song from John and Will and start working on a new music video!

Thanks for reading!
Ben Sibelman

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