August 7, 2014: Online Work Bee

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  • Holacracy Tactical Meeting Intro
    • Check In
    • Checklist Review (WWWs)
    • Metrics review
    • Project updates
  • Review Agenda
  • Weekly Events Logistics
  • Sixth Season
  • Evaluation


  • Eric … I’m grateful for the Museum of Nature and its reminders of my sister ... I went there to take pictures of her mammal exhibit for an orientation email … it was a moving experience
  • Ben … I am grateful that I am making some progress on my to do list after coming from Portland. While I was in Portland I learned about something really cool that I will post of the SolSeed Facebook page. It is a technology that helps reefs to grow in Climate Change (hot acidic) affected seas, that is used by a Portland based artist to collaborate with Nature on an art project.
  • Patrick … I’m grateful that I’ve finally taken the first step in my project for the greenhouses … I currently have duckweed under a grow lamp … we’ll see where it goes from there

WWWs from last time

  • Ben … actually keep track of newsletter signups … by next call
  • Ben … suggest a process for answering "what would we need to determine whether this is the right way forward or not (e.g., if we have 10 or 50 members)?" and write something up … by next call
  • Ben … make more progress on graphics for the second chorus music video … by next Thursday
  • Ben ... read 6th Season and come back ready to approve or suggest modifications … by next call
  • Ben ... install google hangouts … by next call
  • Eric … collect info on Sol 2014 spending and update SolSeed spreadsheet … by next call
  • Eric … finish next mailchimp orientation email (get photo of Museum of Nature)
  • Eric … read 6th Season and come back ready to approve or suggest modifications
  • Eric … install google hangouts
  • Eric ... add the active member role and define what it means
  • Patrick … install google hangouts
  • Patrick … read 6th Season and come back ready to approve or suggest modifications … by next call
  • Brandon … revise topical community protocol … by next call
  • Brandon … get metrics together so we can do Holacracy tactical meeting … by next call
  • Brandon … collect financial information for the SolSeed spreadsheet and update (including AdWords in February) … by next call

Actions were assigned via GlassFrog and sent to us in emails.

Metrics review

  • Ben … one mailing list signup since last Thursday
  • Eric … submitted our one blog post to Humanistic Paganism

Project updates

  • Eric … I’ve been invited to give a sermon about Purpose in late September at UU Fellowship of Ottawa
    • I’ve been sending drafts back and forth with the service leader and he’s liking it
  • Ben … got a bit more done on music video graphics
  • Greenhouses
    • Patrick … has duckweed under a grow lamp
    • Eric … spent some time thinking about robot designs, but didn’t write anything down yet

Weekly Events Logistics


Service rotation: Eric, Shelley, Brandon, Ben
  • August 9 Service: 9 AM PDT, 12:00 EDT (Ben) (Patrick out)
  • August 10 Work-Bee: 13:30 PDT, 16:30 EDT (Michelle wants us to change this because it goes over dinner)


  • August 14 Work-Bee: 6:30 PM PDT, 21:30 EDT

6th Season


  • Ben’s favorite of the choices Eric suggested is Civis; Eric agrees this has the nicest ring to it
  • Patrick likes Cultus the best, but Ben doesn’t like how it sounds in English


  • Patrick is ducking out to go build a little gear box


  • Ben … it may be time to say “let’s try it the way it is”
  • Does agriculture or religion come first?
    • We had religion before agriculture, but we didn’t have priests
    • Religion couldn’t “bind people into cities” until we had agriculture to support those cities
We gather to mark the passing of a week
To align our hearts as one.

(Light the Sol Candle)

Wilderness ... still ... wilderness ...
And then ... <gasp> ... civilization!
People. Warm-blooded. Social. Tool-users. Talking.
Nations coalesce.
In the fertile lands, cities are born.
And for every city ... there is a story!

(Open book sign)

Cities grew out of farming, the first massive division of labour

(plant 3 seeds in a straight row in a dish of soil)

Making Scientists and Priests possible
Allowing Artisans to evolve into Industry

(Turn gears)

Cities were fertilized by religion,
Beliefs that bind bands into cities
Beliefs that infuse cities with community

(ASL sign for belief but modified: instead of clasping your own hand at the end of the sign, clasp those of the people next to you (or reach toward the screen to 'clasp' those in other locations on Skype)

Then came science!

(Pour water from one beaker to another)

The practice of seeking truth through experience.
The upward spiral of knowledge

(The ASL sign for knowledge: right hand open, fingers together palm down, tab above right brow twice. Then sweep the hand through an upward spiral until arm is extended directly up.)

Finally, democracy emerged!

(Ballot stuffing motion as in ASL for VOTE)

Making striving for their self-chosen destinies,
Freely available to all living citizens.

(ASL for Freedom like in Spirit of Life)

Farming. Religion. Science. Freedom.
From Wilderness ... Civilization!

Closing Round

  • Eric … I enjoy working on one thing in a meeting like this … it feels more collaborative than the Holacracy thing where one person proposes something and it always gets approved and you have to put forward a counter-proposal later
  • Ben … I think that it is a really nice milestone to have the complete liturgical year set out. Now it’s finished and that is something for the next newsletter.
  • Patrick … Yes I really liked going off to do the gear box in the middle of the meeting.
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