August 23, 2010: Online Work Bee

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  • Check In
  • Review WWWs
  • Review OnePagePlan
  • Conferences/Conventions
  • Newsletters
  • Equinox Celebration
  • Backyard cottage
  • SpaceWiki
  • Book

Check In

  • Brandon: Really enjoying working on SpaceWiki ... could easily put in many hours on it
  • Shelley: Had a really nice day with Sequoia, sore from the triathlon yesterday ... her triad is going to reconvene
  • Sequoia: 10 months old, feels like a big boy
  • Ben: Had ups and downs ... at work made progress on small bugs that make the app look better (icons that aren't fuzzy) ... intermittently worrying about political and environmental stuff

WWWs from last time

  • Shelley ... contact Mark about doing opening words at the next service ... by next call
  • Brandon ... leave a grateful and inspiring comment on both blogs where SpaceWiki was mentioned ... by Thursday night
  • Brandon ... setup time to talk to Chris about ArchitectScorecard ... by Saturday
  • Ben ... start on the ArchitectScorecard page ... by Saturday
  • Ben ... tend the community (2 comments at least) ... by next call
  • Ben ... add to Brandon's comments on the blogs ... by next call
  • Ben ... add up all the words for the book that we've added this quarter ... by next call


Goals (1 Year)

  • Income run rate of $100,000/year (~$9000/month) -- Brandon is really worried about that
    • Need to incorporate a business
    • September 2 is the closing deadline for this year's SBIR application process ... not happening
    • Focus on this in 4th quarter

No other changes


  • Space industry
  • Sci-fi conventions
    • Brandon doesn't think those are very fruitful compared to other types ... maybe because they're not about the real world
  • Environmental, intentional communities
    • Bioneers: San Rafael, CA, October 15th-17th (Friday-Sunday)
      • Maybe just Saturday & Sunday ... Shelley definitely can't do Friday
    • Could we invite SolSeed members from more than just the Pacific NW to meet up at one of these, in lieu of a big unconference we organize ourselves?


SolSeed August newsletter

  • Major point for the upcoming Equinox celebration
  • Second mural painting at the sponsored neighborhood picnic
  • Update on the SolSeed book projects

First Eco-Village list message

  • Get Matthew and Molly to write something?
  • Talk about the constitution-like document we've been working on

Equinox Celebration

  • Should it be right on the Equinox?
    • Shelley: Yes ... otherwise what's the point? ... if it's just me and Brandon, so be it
    • Ben: Maybe ... on the other hand, it would be nice to have more participants ... otherwise it doesn't seem all that meaningful
    • Brandon: Even if it is Wednesday night, we could probably get Matthew, Molly, Gus, David, some others
  • Purpose?
    • Shelley: Serving the needs of the people ... whoever comes is the right people ... we can talk about The Destiny, but don't do anything resembling marketing ... be who we say we are first, then do outreach in a different venue
    • Brandon: Bundle it with enough meaningful progress on the backyard cottage to get Ben down here? ... I could drive up to Seattle and pick Ben up

Backyard Cottage

  • Brandon talked to neighbors about architects ... don't necessarily have to talk to Chris
  • ArchitectScorecard is a good place to start
    • We should make a list of potential architects and evaluate them against it
      • How much can we do without talking to them?
      • Brandon already knows a lot about some nearby architects
    • Brandon has used a scorecard to good effect in hiring at work


  • Ask for sponsorship for the site itself, not so much for events? (since the next one will not be for awhile)
    • For the caricatures?
    • For the benefit of our work developing the wiki?
  • Currently we don't get many hits/day, but a sponsor could help with that by linking to us
  • Work on the Events page, which will help determine which event to go to next
    • Then we can focus on getting sponsorship for that event


  • Do we want poems?
    • Brandon says the current SolSeed book is one book within the "larger book" that will include poems and songs and litanies for services, etc.

Current stats

  • Introduction: 601 words, not counting a 20-word bracketed comment
  • Chapter 1: 564 words added during 3rd quarter 2010 (852 other words), not counting a 4-word to-do note
  • Chapter 2: 361 words added during 3rd quarter 2010 (485 other words)
  • Chapter 3: 719 words
  • Chapter 4: 461 words

Total for 3rd quarter 2010: 2706 words in the first 7 weeks, for an average of 386.6 words/week

Grand total: 4043 words


  • Brandon ... ping KMF about children's book ... by tomorrow
  • Brandon ... send more $ to Ryan ... by tomorrow
  • Brandon ... email Christine and Orange Splot ... by next call
  • Brandon ... reach out to 5 people to ask about the best space-industry events for us ... by next call
  • Brandon ... write 500 words on the SolSeed book ... by next call
  • Shelley ... send email to save the date for the Equinox ... by next call
  • Shelley ... set up the tour with Matthew and Molly ... by next call
  • Shelley ... spend 1/2 hour looking up resources for the services that could go into the "larger book" ... by Saturday
  • Brandon & Shelley ... figure out what would work (if anything) w.r.t. Bioneers ... by next call
  • Ben ... do an internet search for architects in Portland who might match some criteria on the ArchitectScorecard ... by next call
  • Ben ... stub out some space-industry event pages and the central page that links to them ... by next call
  • Ben ... write at least 300 words on the SolSeed book ... by next call
  • Ben ... draft the August newsletter ... by next call
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