April 11, 2010: Online Work Bee

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  • Norwescon scuttlebutt
  • Earth Day
    • Plans for Earth Day vs a service
  • Disney
  • April newsletter
  • Triads

Norwescon scuttlebutt

  • 9 new email list members, 1 new member of the wiki
  • Should have talked to the Mars Society people more
  • Ben talked to Cory Doctorow and Richard Lovett, and was vocal in a panel where Vernor Vinge and other big SF writers were panelists
  • Shelley gave a copy of Parable of the Sower to Heather (I promised never to use her last name online, which reminds me I need to go delete it off the SolSeed Services page. Heather who spoke of Balance at our last Service)

Earth Day

  • They want interactive booths
    • We could use learnings from NorWesCon
    • Galaxy-shaped dirt tray for visitors to plant seeds in
  • KatieV has a recycling robot that we could maybe borrow
  • Goals for Earth Day (expecting about 3000 people to come through between 10am and 7pm)
    • 5 people talked to meaningfully per hour
    • Get Mark involved
    • Involve folks who are resonant with the eco-village concept and have already been part of our community (Buckman)
  • Pick a project that would inspire normal Earth Day celebrators ... that SolSeed could do as a gesture of goodwill and build some momentum among its members and friends without requiring any commitment for the future
    • Trash pickup?
    • All of us are pledging to reduce our carbon footprint by so much
    • Learning to live with less water
    • Petition stating "Possibility is alive in South East Portland: I'm on the side of greater possibility" ... vague but easy ...

Art project strategy

  • Bringing life, a vague idea that connects to the spirit of Earth Day
  • For SolSeed, Bringing life means some particular things (eco-village, going to space, etc)
  • What we're asking people to do is not to necessarily join our group, but to identify themselves as kindred
    • by stating what possibilities they want to nurture, or drawing a picture of it on a small piece of a big blank poster
    • by making a mental switch to saying "Who I am is somebody who is open to possibilities that bring life." This is the first step to having people be interested in SolSeed.
  • People could get stickers or hand stamps saying "I bring life!"
  • Get Stacey and Kevin to do the whole thing?

Galaxy planting strategy

  • Center is an oval pot already planted with white or yellow flowers
  • Arms are curved pipes cut in half, empty to start with
  • People put a scoop of dirt in an empty spot and then plant a seed
    • Bachelor's buttons (small blue flowers)
    • Lettuce


  • Ben:
    • Send response to Disney ... by Tuesday
    • Print out eco-village visualizations on nice glossy paper ... by next meeting
    • Print 200 more trifolds (wording slightly revised to include more events than just conventions) ... by next meeting
    • Finish April newsletter ... by next meeting
  • Shelley:
    • Speak with Mark about the eco-village on April 24 10 am to 7 pm; and have him get involved in the pl the planning, since it's his project.
    • Pick a date for dinner with Stacey
    • Speak with Stacey about the mural
    • Go to Portland Nursery and get lettuce and dirt and a pretty pot with flowers for the center ... by Monday
  • Brandon:
    • Get a board for the spiral galaxy lettuce planting ... by Tuesday
    • Get a board for the Bring Life mural to be drawn on
    • Talk to Kevin about the mural
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