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=== Back to [[Group Experiences]] ===
=== 2/5/09 [[SolSeed]]/[[UpwardSpiral]] Call Agenda ===
=== 2/5/09 [[SolSeed]]/[[UpwardSpiral]] Call Agenda ===

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Back to Group Experiences

2/5/09 SolSeed/UpwardSpiral Call Agenda

Here's what we said last time:

  • Talk about the practice and paths of ministry.
  • Homework for the next call = look at the SolSeed Creed and Church Creed, examine overlap



gaining clarity about our work together

Mickki: wants to work on creating the organization that supports what's going on with SolSeed, etc - the church - the unifying supportive thing - not necessarily just the physical building, but the legal entity - AND the community in Denver

Shelley: Connect to community, provide support. (not very interested right now in building structure)


  • Work on Church in Denver
  • Work on Church in Portland (SolSeedMovement)
  • Work on WaterProject (SolSeedMovement)
  • Work on Kindred 2010 (GreaterMovement)


  • Primary ... building my own community
  • Working together in this community more than in details
  • Not sure where the future takes me
  • Secondary ... Translating UpwardSpiral into other symbol sets


  • Is most interested in the unifying thread... the core principles of flow being translated to, and embodied different symbol sets, projects and communities

Brandon's eloquent summary: There are a set of principles that we are all orbiting around: Mickki wants to create the structured organization, Arthur wants to elucidate the core principles further, Shelley, Brandon & Ted want to create communities practicing these principles together.

So the calls could be / include:

  • Broad check in about everyone's progress
  • Deeper check in around one specific person/project
  • Conversations about principles

A possible structure:

  • Opening words - 5 mins
  • Check in with everyone - 10 mins
  • Deeper topic conversation - 30 mins
  • What's next / homework / assign next call - 10 mins
  • Closing words - 5 mins

Upcoming schedule:

  • Saturday at 8am PST, 9am MST, 10am CST
  • Arthur February 7th
  • Mickki February 14th
  • Canceled February 21st
  • Shelley February 28th

homework check in

who did it? What did you see? what can we create?

Beginning conversations in our own communities

what practices have you formed for starting the conversation? How do we begin inviting people? - how do the gatherings nurture and not burden? - begin practicing various expressions / symbols / and then share together the insights, experiences, etc.

We are SolSeed; Children of the sun, Awakened by starlight, Growing, nurturing, protecting, We bring life!

Last week we said we'd talk about ministerial tracks and practices... The "work" of the "church."

We are SolSeed; Children of the sun, Awakened by starlight, Growing, nurturing, protecting, We bring life!

Topic for our first Saturday call: Circles of Participation.

Circles of Participation

- Visitors: open to all who wish to participate or be exposed to activites of church    
- Participants: engage in ministry projects while not yet members    
- Members: become members when they self-identify with the organization as members    
(?? membership has a low recurring fee & badge of member (I belong / membership card))
- Practitioners: actively enaged in projects / services / have taken on some responsibilities. Serve on committees, etc.     
- Mastery: have chosen a ministry path to pursue    
- Devotee: have devoted life to path / staff of church    
- Elder: embodiment of church; holder of vision; entrusted with leadership from congregation    

Becoming a member: Starts with acknowledging that you can't do this alone; choosing to join a community and to co-create in community

Pledge: in symbolizing my interdependence with the community of life, I submit my welfare to this community, and promise to be a partner in the creating our shared wellfullness

Ministerial Tracks:

- Environment / nature (natural systems, biodiversity, study of ecosystems)
- Individuals (interpersonal communication, counseling)
- Community (group process, mediation, governance, facilitation, group dynamic stuff)
- Business (flows of cross-fertilization, ideas, value, etc. resource management)
- Youth (everything related to young people, including youth leadership programs)
- Food system (planting, preserving, nutrition, serving)
- Health & wellness
- Energy
- Ecovillages (as ministerial training grounds / immersive internships)
- Education / culture / learning / stories / history / language 
- Building the purpose-driven social critter
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