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Opening Words

Life is sacred

We are all interconnected and exist inside of an interdependent web of life. We choose to nurture that web with our lives and inside of community

We believe in the divine power of creation that gave rise to, and is manifest in, all life, and in our sacred responsibility to honor, celebrate and nourish such creation.

The teachings of science and all religions, in their own way, are an attempt to shine the light on the sacred power & responsibility of creation.

Our ministry consists of acts of service to the community of life and teaching the wisdom that powers such service.

Re: Authority - final authority rests in the demonstration of the greatest benefit for all. We live in the perpetual dance

Re: pattern .... get mine vs. grow ours

Re: Upward Spirals: characterized by enhancing richness, diversity, complexity - increasing possibilities


How does the ChurchCreed work for folks?

Questions re: SolSeed/Church

The greater movement (Kindred for now) is the basket that contains the SolSeedMovement and this nascent church. In addition to this church, those within the SolSeeMovement are beginning to coalesce explicit organizations as well. The Church will be physical and real and the organizations within the SolSeedMovement will also be physical and real.

  • These calls are about the basket
  • These calls are about the religion
  • These calls are about the explicit organizations coalescing within the SolSeedMovement

Yes -- all of these Kindred: I think kindred is too strange of a name for the basket.

The "Religion" exists to nourish communities and projects creating upward spirals which nourish life. It will include multiple symbol-sets (see below).

  • Art was looking for a very generic name of a "parent" organization... maybe Kindred of All Life? Yes, Kindred. "The Life is Precious Club" :)
  • Core foundation: The principles of flow which nourish life.
 - These principles can be cast in different symbol sets: SolSeed, Christian, Buddhist, Scientific, Jewish, Pagan, etc.
  Main Entry:1kin·dred Pronunciation:     \ˈkin-drəd\          
  Function:noun Etymology:Middle English, from kin + Old English rǣden condition, from rǣdan to advise, readDate:12th century   

1 a: a group of related individuals b: one's relatives2: family relationship : kinship

Art brings his Mom's research

(Mom has been delinquent)

  • Incorporation is NOT required for churches (According to the First Amendment: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof...)
  • Churches are automatically tax-exempt but you can apply for official 501c3 status if you establish an incorporated entity.
  • Varying by State, churches can incorporate or not (canNOT incorporate in Virginia for example). Yet they can still somehow open bank accounts.

Names discussion

Next Time

  • What will we do next time?
    • Talk about the practice and paths of ministry.
    • Homework for the next call = look at the SolSeed Creed and Church Creed, examine overlap
    • Who's leading the next meeting? = Mickki

Closing Words

We are SolSeed;
Children of the sun,
Awakened by starlight,
Growing, nurturing, protecting,
We bring life!
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