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Third YayLifeTri

Saturday June 21, 2014
Lost Lake, Oregon, USA
Including a canoe trip after the cycling segment

Participants this year included Brandon, Shelley, Sequoia, Ren, Ben, Eric, Patrick, Ted, Celeste, Max, and Shogi. Because the lake water was so cold, we decided to just play in the shallows rather than swimming.

Second YayLifeTri

Saturday June 22, 2013
Norway Lake, Ontario, Canada
Followed by showers, warming up by the fire, and chocolate fondue

This year we only had SolSeed members participating (Brandon, Shelley, Sequoia, Ben, and Eric). The t-shirt design was very similar to 2012's, but with a yellow background to improve the contrast.

First YayLifeTri

Sunday June 24, 2012
Vancouver Lake Park, Vancouver, WA, USA
9:30am gather, 10:00am race, potluck after
$3 parking, meet at the beach

We are organizing a mini triathlon "YayLifeTri" out at Vancouver Lake on Sunday morning June 24. It is meant for families with small children. The swim is 100m in the shallows (wading rather than swimming is great!). The run is 400m (jogging strollers are great!). The bike is 1500m (tag-alongs and baby carrier bike seats/trailers are great!). It should be a fun way to introduce kids to the excitement of a race (complete with numbers, and a transition area) in a safe, low-key environment. All participants will receive a free tee shirt (see below image) and some kind of award (TBD).

This year is a trial run, so we are only inviting close friends to participate (there will probably be some oversights in the planning). If it goes well, we'll make it into an annual event and publicize it.

The race starts at 10am and will be followed up with a potluck lunch including chocolate fondue. We will provide water, pasta, salad, and fondue with fruit to dip.

This is a free event sponsored by the SolSeed Movement, to celebrate the Summer Solstice and the evolution of life from out of the seas (the swim), onto the land (the run), and finally the development of technology (the bike). Hence the non-traditional order of events.


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