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From the SolSeedCreed

Wisdom is effective.
Without Wisdom,
SelfLove and Empathy are feeble and capricious.

Wisdom refers to the human ability to use knowledge and experience to develop common sense and insight. Wisdom also refers to the human ability to discern or judge what is true, right, or lasting. Science is one manifestation of the human capacity for Wisdom.

Wisdom comes from absorbing the lessons of the experience of others. When we pay attention to what others who have come before us have to teach us, then we gain wisdom. Wisdom comes from revering our elders. Wisdom comes from observing from our own mistakes. Wisdom comes from not discounting the advice of other people because we know better. Wisdom comes from paying attention in the deepest sense. Wisdom comes from not making assumptions. Wisdom comes from the quiet recesses of our beings. Wisdom comes from combining intelligence, creativity and passion in the service of universal love.

See also Knowledge and Wisdom

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One of the wisest things we can do is to think long-term, beyond our own lifespans, finding ways to channel our natural SelfLove into courses that lead to better lives for our children, our species, and the living world we call home. -Ben Sibelman

Memory is a primitive piece of Wisdom. You need to be able to accurately recognize and characterize a situation in order to make a good decision about what to do next. Simulation is a more advanced piece of Wisdom. Simulation allows you to imagine how to create something in the future that is different than the current situation. Prospection: Experiencing the Future in Science describes how Simulation relates to SelfLove in creating more favorable outcomes. It makes the point that by default we're not that great at Simulation and illustrates some of the reasons why predictions often go awry. I love this quote:

"All animals are on a voyage through time, navigating toward futures that promote their survival and away from futures that threaten it. Pleasure and pain are the stars by which they steer. When animals experience pleasure they hold a steady course, and when they experience pain they tack. With a bit of practice, most animals learn to associate pleasures and pains with their antecedents---the smell of an approaching predator or the call of a beckoning mate---which enables them to steer toward pleasure and away from pain before they actually experience either."
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