Who should convene Kindred festivals?

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This was a session at Sol 2014.



Brandon: I wish Kindred would be something existing where SolSeed could attend, and be appreciated for itself even by people who don’t see themselves in it

  • Ted: It seems like if everyone in the wider movement is involved in their own things, none of them is the right group to convene Kindred
  • Eric, Brandon: Michael Dowd tried to create a movement, and is now preaching that there should be a movement, which is why he was briefly excited about SolSeed
  • Ben: So what would it take to successfully organize Kindred?
    • Brandon: We’re practicing for it so we’ll be prepared when opportunity knocks
    • Brandon, Eric: The drumming ritual and YayLifeTri could inspire people who aren’t interested in “being us”
  • Brandon: Landmark Forum, which was transformative for me, is about listening for people to express themselves individually; I want to do the same thing for “superorganisms” (tribes)
    • Eric: One of the problems is that people want to be “spiritual” without being involved in religious communities
    • The other problem is that established religions don’t want to have something like Kindred, because Kindred’s philosophy is too pluralist: people should follow whatever tribe best fits who they are
    • Ben (later): There’s also the problem that Americans are generally individualistic and uninterested in the concept of superorganisms
  • Ben (earlier): There are successful activist coalitions
    • Brandon: But they’re more about scarcity and being against things, while my vision for Kindred is about abundance and being for things (see Creating Possibilities vs. Solving Problems
    • Ted: So what activists would you want to invite to Kindred?
      • Ben: Backbone Campaign: “artful activism” “from the heart” – opposing things, but in exuberantly creative ways
      • Eric: The Permaculture movement
    • Other ideas for who to invite
      • Brandon: Trackers Northwest
      • Eric: Hidden Harvest: finding food in the city that would otherwise just rot and making agreements to gather it
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