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Our culture has a fetish for originality and the genius inventor. In most cases, however, the context for an idea is more essential than the idea's supposed inventor. In many cases, the people who first recognize an idea are simply in the right place at the right time to make a connection that is newly obvious. In other words, people tend to discover ideas "whose time has come." For example, Newton and Leibniz both come up with the Calculus at about the same time. But if either of them had lived 100 years earlier, he wouldn't have had the context to make the necessary connections. Likewise, if neither of them had ever lived, we would still have the Calculus today ... except it would be credited to different people.

When we connect particular people with particular ideas on this site, it is not because those people "own" the associated ideas. Rather, it is a recognition that they have taken on a stewardship role to develop and disseminate an idea that comes from the whole, the body of all life--in our terms, from SolSeed. In their stewardship role they often collect related ideas and create material that makes it easier for others to experience the same insights they discovered. Where we are aware of deeper resources on a particular topic provided by such stewards, we include pointers to those resources.

Our emphasis is on a shift of consciousness toward thinking of the body of all life as an integrated organism rather than viewing the world as mostly seperate individuals. Correspondingly, the idea of intellectual property and even something as prosaic as plagiarism is somewhat confusing when taking a global view. Clearly we do need people working to push the frontiers of knowledge ...

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