Viventibus Mundos

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Viventibus Mundos is the seventh Liturgical Season in the SolSeed Movement's Liturgical Calendar. It symbolizes the spreading of life from Earth throughout the Solar System. It runs from the Fall Equinox to Mid Fall. During this season the Weekly Service Calls use the following opening ceremony:

<Each person begins with a cup of water>

Barren worlds ... everywhere ... barren worlds ...
But here ... <gasp> ... Earth!

<light earth candle>

Cities! Farms! Forests! Seas!
A living world poised to flower and spread.
A living world supporting a beautiful civilization
A living world, bursting with possibility.
Our story begins with the people, our members ...
We who answer the call!

<Each person pours their water into a common bowl>


As we practice, a movement forms,
Binding our lives together,
Reminding our elephants,
Aligning our words and actions
With our highest aspirations.

<Each person dips their finger into the common bowl of water and then touches it to their mouth and opposite hand><symbolism: water is highest aspirations or community supporting highest aspirations; mouth is words and opposite hand is actions>

We bring the new trees!
The new trees make life's next great leap.
The new trees take root on barren worlds.

<lay a floatable tree seed (e.g. individual maple key or pine seed (not whole cone)) on the surface of the water>

And ... we grow new homes!
Bringing barren worlds to life,
Colonies where life's upward spiral supports all spacefaring creatures.

<light second candle the first week and one more each week through the season.>

People. Practice. Trees. Colonies.
From barren worlds ... <gasp> ... a family of living worlds.
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