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The SolSeed Movement's Vision statement is currently under construction. We are using the book Creating a Life Together to form our statements.


Vision Statement

The shared future we want to create; shared image of what's possible. "Who, what and why" of our endeavor. Express in present tense, as if it were happening now. Example: A world that values the diversity of all life and provides for its sustainability by living in harmony with nature and spirit.

SolSeed's working vision statement: Life thriving on Earth, creating the conditions for more life; Earth giving birth to a family of living worlds.

Our first Vision Workshop occurred Memorial Day weekend, 2011.

Mission Statement

Expresses the vision in concrete, physical terms. For example, a viison "a world where everyone has adequate, healthy shelter" would go with a mission (a physical expression of this vision): "To build a model demonstration village using low-cost natural building materials, and through outreach programs teach our buildling methods, particularly in Third-world countries."

SolSeed's working mission statement: To build a community committed to our vision of cherishing the Earth, embracing science, and bringing other worlds to life. Using shared rituals to inspire and motivate us, we will devote energy to effective projects that support that vision.


Vision arises out of shared values. Examples: sustainability, fairness, kindness, generosity, service, accessibility, thrift, and conservation of resources.


Usually interests arise from values and can be expresed as goals. Example: "Interested" in composting, b/c of a value of sustainability -- express this as a GOAL to build compost for future community garden.

Goals and Objectives

Targets: Milestones we commit ourselves to accomplish, short-term (months to a few years).

Aspirations: Strong desires or ambitions for inspired, elevated goals (longer term).

Strategy: "How, where, when" -- budgets, cash flow projections, time lines.

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