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Discussion at Sol 2014

  • Brandon: It would be nice to have 8 virtues to map onto the Liturgical Seasons, maybe two each that fall under Passion, Empathy, Wisdom, and something else like Gratitude
    • Then we could apply the Scientific or Religious Method to developing those virtues
    • Ben: Would that involve hypotheses and controlled experiments?
  • Ben: of the four that I added to the wiki, I think Pragmatism and Perseverance count as virtues; less sure about Creativity and Hope
    • Brandon: We should be able to tell if something is a virtue using a fill-in-the-blank test, like “She has a __ character”
    • Ben: “Pragmatic” works…I think
    • Ben (March 2016): I don't know if "perseverent" is a word, but "tenacious" works
  • Ben: I also like Altruism (which derives from Empathy)
  • Brandon: It would be useful to look at lists of Greek and Catholic virtues, as well as the list from a quasi-scientific survey that tries to identify participants’ virtues
    • Catholicism has Humility, Chastity, Charity, and Prudence, which is kind of like Pragmatism
      • Ben: I like Humility, although I think it has to be balanced with something like Confidence to avoid being completely ineffective
      • Brandon: I have very little Humility and would like to work on that
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