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Please click edit and leave me a message. - Brandon 05:59, 13 September 2008 (UTC)

Hello again Brandon,

Thanks for the guidance on the outline. I have responded about the orientation on Doodle. I will also look into the Legal Organization page.

Send Life,

--EricSaumur 01:54, 10 March 2012 (UTC)

Hello Brandon,

I am trying to help out with the book but I am confused by the available outlines. There is one in the 26th Feb Work Bee and one on the actual book's main page. Which outline are you working toward?


--EricSaumur 19:42, 7 March 2012 (UTC)

I believe that even the reaction to such things as beauty, or love, can be measured. If the electric signals within the brain can be measured, and emotions and reactions are only expressions of those signals, then surely they can also be measured. In fact, I think that related sciences will gain great importance in the near future. In a rather depressing manner, I see mind as being part of the body, and in no way seperate. I think science is a powerful tool for advancement, expansion and survival, in all possible ways, and all possible meanings of the words. Spirituality, while appealing to me, is an aspect of our mind which helps many to remain stable in themselves, and a very effective tool for its purpose. I would like to be more spiritual myself. - Kirran

I agree that certain abstract ways of thinking are useful in certain cases when using more 'accurate' descriptions becomes laborious, but that is a different matter; in my view the fact remains that it is POSSIBLE to measure these concepts in the aforementioned manner. I definetly would like to become more involved as much as is feasible, but I'm not really sure how I could contribute to many of the goals of the SolSeedMovement, aside from editing the wikis. - Kirran

Musings ... trying to work on the book

Everyone lives within a narrative context. There is some larger story that describes what is and how things should be. For a religious person much of these two facets of the nRrative ate provided explicitly by the religion they are a member of. For the nonreligious much if thes two facets are provided implicitly by the social context they are a part of.

Since we are creating an alternative to traditional religion we must concern ourselves with the narrative context of the movement we are creating.

What are the considerations we should make in evaluating potential narratives? What is our scorecard for a good narrative ?

  • Room fir the individual and autonomy
  • Fodder for ritual

We think of the tree of life as branching as we move forward in time. A so-called tree of descendants. But there is also a tree of ancestors. The tree of descendants always includes terminal leaves. Descendants that die before they produce offspring. Contrast this with the tree of ancestors. Every ancestor has exactly two parents. As we move further back in time we eventually find an ancestor that our two parents had in common.

The goal is not to convert but to seek out those from whom we can learn because our paths are so well aligned. We are looking for our kindred. The people for whom finding SolSeed is like coming home after a long trip.

How would you live if you believed that everybody loves SolSeed ... they just don't know it yet? (Benjamin Zander)

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