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I've been wishing someone would actually put Earthseed into practice since I was fourteen and started devouring Octavia Butler's books. Wrote the weirdest ever post-conversion-experience book report about Parable of the Sower — I have no idea what my English teacher thought.

I'm a physics major, high school teacher, spiritual seeker, pragmatic eclectic, science fiction fan. I've been chasing religion in all kinds of directions, trying to figure out what works, how to make it work, looking for the organic and spontaneous and chaotic.

I was amazed when the real world started talking about "Change you can Believe in." But I Believe in Change! Change is the inexorable, the ineffable, the never-zero second derivative of the universe. Of course I'm sure that's not what he meant...

Is anyone else on the East Coast? It seems like very time I find awesome religious community, it's thousands of miles away.

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