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Helping humanity evolve

The idea for this came during Bill and Dale’s 2011 Autumn Evolution Christianity seminar. Churches are evolving towards providing more of what people want and need. Churches are starting to include things like Covenant Groups (groups of about 12 people that meet periodically) to provide personal intimacy to the members and to gather participation and leadership from the members.

Ken Wilber’s Integral Therapy and Clare W. Graves Spiral Dynamics describe the evolution of mankind individually and our social structures. And we wonder if one church can provide what’s needed for all levels of individual evolution. Could a Covenant Group appeal to the Red meme while another or others appeal to Blue? Could the activities of one Covenant Group promote or explore other memes? Would this help a family with members having different memes attend the same church? Would the family evolve in a direction?

The criticisms of Spiral Dynamics has Dale wondering if there’s a better or more concrete model on which to base this activity. Perhaps something integral would be more useful. Or maybe Dale’s just scratching his head looking confused...

Found this interesting group And noticed some Space Elevator activity here. It seems these folks have a similar perspective of humanities immediate goals as mine.

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