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A lot of our problems come about because we are unable to see a discrimination between "the movement" (SolSeedNetwork is comparable) and SolSeed itself, as a community and a society.

TODO: (the reasons why maybe historically)

The values that we collected in the session on values at Seed 2009 are the wider movement's values.

SolSeed as a group a people (a "sub-movement," a "community," a "society," people who happened to "add this" to their life or scripture) -- is smaller than the wider movement, even though it fully supports it.

In Lion's vision (in my vision, in what I see happening,) there are lots of societies, like SolSeed, self-organizing into the different works emanating from the wider movement's values. This is comparable to the self-organizing that takes place in OpenSpace.

We're confused because our wider movements values endorse great diversity and difference, anything that means bringing Life, but we see a uniqueness in SolSeed as a group of people, and an exclusion that comes from saying: "We're doing this." (We're starfarers, and we really mean it.)

The secret to get beyond this frustration, in Lion's vision of the Three-Level Identity, is that SolSeed relies on the greater movement for the diversities, serves it, and everyone in the greater movement is connected with SolSeed, and vice versa. "Our future is not separate from the future of humanity, or that of the body of all life."

So the "three levels," and this is somewhat arbitrarily described, are:

(0. All of Life. You are the living expression of Life.)

1. Humanity. You are the living expression of humanity, the spirit of humanity.

2. Your "organ" of society. The society of people who can help you realize your possibilities, your creativity, in service of the individuals, the societies' values, and ultimately, all of humanity and life.

3. The Individual. You are yourself, and realizing your life, your possibilities, your creativity, your virtues, in the service of humanity, all life.

The "new idea" here is layer 2.

Traditionally, we see every society as a totalizing society, wiping out others' values and uniqueness.

We looked at societies who have had purposes, and tried to subordinate other societies to their purposes. We said, "No more to purpose!" We threw out telos, goals, "destiny," and with with them meaningful lives, purpose, and so on. This is an element of "the post-modern condition."

So we are suspicious of societies that have destinies. But if we understand that there is a new "2nd-level identity" type society, that has a higher aim of serving all of humanity and life, that is larger than its particular mission, then we can be at peace with difference, even on the scale of a society: Because we know that even people in other societies with other missions hold us in their hearts, as we hold their hearts in ours.

--LionKimbro 22:11, 10 January 2009 (UTC)

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